Tren Ace, Test Cyp & Anadrol Cycle

Wanting to run a cycle with these three. Have used all three in different cycles before. Have nolvadex, Arimadex and clomid on hand. Also have SuperTest 450 if it would be a better option than Cyp.

Looking to do an 8 week cycle.

What would be the best dosage?
Arimadex on cycle EOD??
Nolvadex & Clomid every day after cycle?

Currently 5’ 10” 205# 12%BF

Also, should I take anything for joints? If so, recommendations.

Thank you for your time!

Update: my bad, end goal: add 30# lean mass.
I could run longer, I’ve got plenty of everything. What length should I do?
Joints don’t hurt but have with previous cycles on anadrol.
I tend to get gyno pretty easy.

Probably not worth the PIP

Total? Why so short?

Gonna depend on your goals; what’s the point of this cycle? What’s the endgame?

If you need it, sure

No. Pick one, start running it about 3-4 weeks after your last injection, for 6-8 weeks.

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Why, do your joints hurt?

You make no mention of your goals for this cycle.