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Tren Ace + Superdrol. Add Mast P or Nah?


Tren+Mast+Test is a pretty standard and amazing cut stack.

Supposedly part of the reason it works is it is a 19nor, DHT and Test.

Superdrol is a DHT but a TON stronger (mg per mg than Tren)

My initial thought was to brew Superdrol + Tren Ace basically upgrading the DHT.

Should I add Mast Prop?

It wont add much (if any) to the PIP but would it even be noticed next to Tren and SD?


Depends how lean you are.

If youre looking to cut and already a low bf%, id say its worth it. If not, its probably not worth it,


I should be, it would be the last 2-4 weeks of a BB cut…

#YOLO hahahaha I wot be making it for a while just wanted some input.