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Tren Ace + Superdrol. Add Mast P or Nah?

Tren+Mast+Test is a pretty standard and amazing cut stack.

Supposedly part of the reason it works is it is a 19nor, DHT and Test.

Superdrol is a DHT but a TON stronger (mg per mg than Tren)

My initial thought was to brew Superdrol + Tren Ace basically upgrading the DHT.

Should I add Mast Prop?

It wont add much (if any) to the PIP but would it even be noticed next to Tren and SD?

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Depends how lean you are.

If youre looking to cut and already a low bf%, id say its worth it. If not, its probably not worth it,

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I should be, it would be the last 2-4 weeks of a BB cut…

#YOLO hahahaha I wot be making it for a while just wanted some input.