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Tren Ace Really as Potent as People Say?

Wanted to see what others that also took tren ace think about this? Just finished a cycle of 500test 600 tren… and didnt feel shit im 8% bf 220 lb 5’8, stopped tren at 6 weeks, continued test on 1gram and got even better results from the test… i know tren was not bunk. Is tren too overhyped?

No, tren is the God of hormones… you can feel tren ace. No magic in there, but great drug. people use to say lies about tren, like, you can eat whatever you want, it’ll burn fat like crazy, etc…consider this - no bodybuilder do stage without tren and/ or you could say, no bodybuilder can win a show without tren.

im guessing i was expecting to much from it, it only put on around 4-5 lean mass over 6 weeks however bf stayed the same, not sure if its underdosed since i never really felt sides except for short breath and heavy sweating at night or people just overexaggerate the results probably beginners that put on 15-20 lb in one cycle

Every one is different, so some will have worse sides than others. If you know for a fact it was tren ace (labmax or something similar), I would say it was probably underdosed. At 600mg, you should have seen better results than that.

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I’m on week 7 of 750mg test and tren cycle.

1-4 30mg ED
5-6 50mg ED
7-8 75mg ED
First run with tren so I wanted to test my tolerance with increasing dosages.

So far the only side I have experienced has been an increase in night sweating going from 50mg to 75mg. Rage was there before AAS and honestly haven’t noticed much of an increase to my aggressor response.

It is a drug to be respected but I don’t think it’s as harsh as people say. perhaps people overdo it without assessing tolerance to sides and blasting mg stupid numbers their first run.

best of luck with tren.

thanks for the reply

i think the only annoying thing i have experienced so far is everyday pins… and night sweats… i have ran out of locations to pin

Another point of view is, if you already have a great body, well developed with good training/ diet/ other drugs… you will not see super body modifications and also, you should not feel sides. If you are a Gym Rat, of course you’re going to feel and see increase of body mass rapidly and unfortunately, sides.

I’m far from a low BF %
But it’s mainly my gut
I’m lean everywhere else!!

I’ve done test and it gave some good results, now considering a test/tren combo to help build mass.

My training and diet are good but after a year the stomach will NOT move.

Now can I ask, what’s the best way to cycle tren a?
My goal is to build! I ain’t looking to go on stage, more in it for the aesthetic look.

Help and advice welcome

i would just take it ED for 6 weeks 50mg per day rotate shoulders, buttcheeks and hams. To me tren doesnt do much even the worst sides for me was heavy breathing but like thiago mentioned earlier i also have over 7+ years training and have cycled before, if anything tren just made me a little bit leaner.

Tren is amazing for recomping and cutting. It retains muscle on the most extreme calorie cuts, gives a hard look and density. In my experience you have to eat to the extreme to notice large mass gains, there are far better bulkers and lean mass compounds for non-competitors, but nothing better for recomping and that “look”.

…can’t say I usually notice “mass” gains, but after several weeks, and even off cycle, there’s a density of mass that wasn’t there.