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Tren Ace or Tren Enath


For my next cycle I will be doing tren again.

This cycle I did Tren ace (with test E)and other then a few minor setbacks it worked out to be a great cycle.

Both are available to me and I can get the Tren enath at about $15 more a 10ml vial then the Tren ace but the Tren Enath is dosed at 200mg/ml where as the Tren ace is 100ml per ml.

To me it seems a simple decision but I always know there are reasons the Tren ace would be better.I have heard it is easier to keep blood levels at the optimum.Side effects won't last as it is is realeased quickly and the half life is much shorter.

Anyways please give me ur thoughts.


Sounds like you've already got it figured out, though perhaps not answered.

I have not tried tren enth, because I tend to stick with shorter esters. If I were going to use longer esters, I'd go ahead and use tren enth. Ace is going to be slightly more bioavailable (don't know if that's the right word), so you will get more actual hormone out of the ace ester as opposed to the enth ester. You are not going to get an extra 100mg/ml out of it, though. If it's strictly a cost concern, go with the enth.


I haven't used tren, but from what I understand, if anything goes wrong and you need to discontinue use, Tren Ace will clear much faster, relieving you of whatever problem you are having.


Getting close to a few weeks in with tren enathate and only having previously used tren ace im more than happy with the results as of yet.


Ah, for some reason I thought you'd used tren ace before.

In that case, I'd say go with ace. A couple of friends of mine have had a pretty miserable time with tren until they got their ideal dosages and ratios figured out. You'll want to do that first, and the best way to do so is using the ace ester.


Yeah I just finished a cycle of tren ace.So I know about all the sides and how Ideal with them.

That is why I am asking if I will be OK going with the Tren Enath.Biggest reason is cost but I want to make sure I will get the same results.


Sorry, I'm all over the place here. I thought DOH's post above was yours, for some reason, deafwoody...


I guess this decision can save me a bit of cash as well.

The Tren ace is dosed at 100mg pre ml and the Tren Enath is dosed at 300mgs per ml but only a $15 difference in price.I thought that was a bit high but the last cycle the EQ was at 300mgs per ml and all the test(cyp and Enath) were at only 200mgs per ml.

Everything has been great quality so I guess I'm going with the Enath.I'm just hopeing(no reason not to) that the Enath is going to give me the same results as the acetate.


I would tread carefully there brother.

Powder for each ester is priced similarly. So for a supplier to sell E at 3x the dose of A makes zero economic sense. EVN for a sales perspective seeing as a 200mg/ml product would still be cheaper by a good degree.

As i said, tread carefully there. Just because 'x' is good qual doesn't ensure 'y' will be IME.


I agree. You have your tren enth written as 200mg/ml in the OP, and now it's 300mg/ml. Which is it?