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Tren Ace or Hex?

I’m gearing up for my 2nd cycle (no pun intended)
I’m 46 5’6" tall 220 about 15-18% BF
I did a 20 week cycle of test-e and eq with a d-bol jumpstart. I’m now considering something a little more aggressive like Test-e, Tren hex and Lr3-IGF.

My question; should I use ace or hex?
I understand it’s the esthers, short and long, but everyone seems to sway towards ace over hex, why? I plan on using test-e ( prop hurts too much, lol)wouldn’t I want a long acting esther like hex? If I have to inject ace every day wouldn’t test-prop be in order instead of enan?

Hex just isn’t that popular anymore. It has been replaced with tren enanthate - which matches perfectly with the test e.

RJ,Thank you my brother,