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Tren Ace Long Term Effects on Anxiety?

Not sure if there is any science on this but wanted to find out if any of you bros had similar issues. I ran a successful Tren cut cycle in spring… I stopped my Lexapro meds 20mg daily while on cycle as I’ve always heard cut SSRI’s on a cycle. About 2 weeks after cycle when my system cleared out I started running my lex again. Just recently went on a family vacay and had probably 3 pretty severe anxiety attacks. Never had them that fierce before. Now Im worried I scrambled my eggs. Only juice I was on last 5 weeks is my trt dose 200mg test cyp…

Im sure someone will link some articles/studies

But just from reading other people’s experiences and threads on numerous sites there is def a link between tren and post cycle mental effects

I believe @yubs spoke on it briefly in my tren ace log that he has had some issues years after not sure anxiety is one of his problems but it’s 100% that anxiety could manifest.

Yea they were fierce attacks much worse than ever had. Other mental sides I noticed after a 10 week tren run was general lack of caring. However no anger outbursts or anxiety. But I went on a family trip in a forign area with a bunch of people I didnt know and had a ton of resposibility so it was too many triggers. I lost my shit.

Did you get any anxiety on Tren?

Theres much we dont fully understand about AAS and their effects on neurotransmitters. Its very individual, hence I believe we will never fully understand these drugs and their effects on humans. Its not as simple as A->B and take C to prevent D.


I will add that I am very prone to anxiety and anxiety attacks and I dont get any sides on or after Tren use.

SSRI’s however, I will never touch those.



I’ve not had any anxiety issues, but I’ve consistently had vivid dreams whilst on Tren E; some weirdly about my girl cheating on me and vice versa. Strange!

I’ve read other people have had similar experiences.

never touch ssris on juice or period if so why?

Yes a few mild bouts of panic usually after I pin and get the tren rush but those lasted 30min… The attacks I had last week were 7-10 hrs long

No cant recall having tren nightmares but had some trensomnia till I got my dose right

I’m really weird about taking antidepressants, ssris, etc i had a couple friends growing up who took them and they acted like robots and when they stopped they said the withdrawal was bad.

If you need them tho then I completely understand I just think that depression and anxiety should be delt with thru other avenues then medication.

It funny because iv done a shit load of drugs in my day but something about those type of drugs make me really un easy.

Just a thought ssris take about 4-8 weeks to take effect and about 12 weeks before fully in effect so maybe they just haven’t had time to work yet.

Do you take them for the sole purpose of anxiety or is a more depression related?

Out of curiosity, I recall you talking about recreational use off cocaine. Did you ever combine ethanol (alcoholic beverages) with the use of cocaine at the same time? When both are taken together, the combination of both are hepatically metabolised to a drug called cocaethylene, half life of said product is far longer than that of cocaine however the risk of sudden cardiac death from said metabolite is 8-25 x that of cocaine alone!!! That’s insane, esp given how cardiotoxic cocaine is alone (vessel wall injury, catecholamic surge, vasoconstriction, effect on sodium channels and calcium handling, and more)

SSRI’s are generally prescribed for inappropriate reasons, with the root cause of said depression not being delved into or fixed. Reactive depression is generally NOT a good indication for the prescription of SSRI’s as there is no real chemical imbalance to treat… So depression stemming form chronic pain, hormonal disorders (hypogonadism, hypothyroidism, Addisons or whatever) is not an appropriate indication for an SSRI, if anything it typically tends to make things worse by adding the potential for more side effects. Each SSRI has a different set of risks, many are well known for causing QT prolongation, however that being said, the more cardiotoxic SSRI’s and antidepressants in general have been somewhat phased out.

Tren can cause anxiety due to serotonin and dopamine depletion, dysfunction of gaba transportation, catecholamic surge blablabla. Whether the neurological changes are longstanding are unknown, some data as of recent has shown AAS use does cause long standing structural abnormalities within the brains of users, however these changes couldn’t be correlated to behavioural abnormalities, depressive symptoms or cognitive functioning with statistical significance. (although visuospatial cognitive functioning came close to P=0.05 and another study found that the difference in visuospatial cognitive functioning to be greater than .05, however from what I recall all AAS users had significantly lower levels of educational attainment compared to non-users)

For anxiety / bi polar never had problems with depression but I get the “mania” side of bi polar, excessive or risky behavior. Sometimes violent Ive had some issues. The anxiety is more a social thing. Havent had a issue in years but I thought this close to a Tren cycle maybe something was there. But yes I agree the Lex can make you a bit robotic but it keeps you level. I really dont like it but I take becuase of fear of anxiety…Maybe its placebo effect who knows…I will say never mix ssris and benzos and coke. I once went on a nose nacho bender while on Lex to come down took zanex… Also was drinking like a fish… I was violently ill had halucinations ect… Not sure but I think I gave myself seritonin syndrome. It was the scariest 2 days of my life. Like living in a nightmare.

Absofuckinglutley! Matter of fact it was rare that I would blow coke without having drinking hard liquor. I was heavy into no limit poker and cocaine and liqour went well with this for me.

Unfortunately once I stopped my anxiety got crazy and I spent the next 4 years under the care of a benzo happy doctor who had me jacked up on klonopin and Xanax.

I got off all the shit when I did my time incarcerated. It was miserable at first they don’t offer scheduled drugs in jails/prisons. But I can honestly say doing time and sitting in solitary confinement for months on end really allowed me to learn how to cope with my anxiety and shit without the need for drugs it made me extremely mentally strong.

These days I rarely even drink anymore. I would probably drink more often then I do but it doesn’t fit with my diet/training which take priority.

It only speculation but from how tren made me feel I can almost guarantee there is a connection. I still get some social anxiety in the form on large crowds. For example if I’m walking shoulder to shoulder with people I get very agitated and self aware. I noticed the tren brought this side of me back out and had me giving some people the death stare when bumping me wrong. Having been off a few weeks now Im feeling 100% normal but I can def imagine for some the effects linger for what I understand can be years.

It really sucks because well I know this sounds horrible but on my 2nd tren cycle I feel I really mastered it for gainz. Probably in best shape of my life at 42 & I’d be lying if I didn’t give some credit to Tren. Even though I suspect it scrambled my eggs a bit I probably will use it in the future because results just too good once you figure out dosing.
It left me with a general not giving a fuck attitude. I my level of ambition went down but my need to lay by pool drink mojitos & chill went up. Not sure if that was affect or not but the anxiety attacks being worst I ever had must have had some things to do with recent cycle.
Debating just going “naty” On mental drugs but without my bipolar meds I’m prone to do things like drug benders, excessive gambling, sometimes physical altercations… I manage most times to avoid drama but the Lex provides a safety net.

I hate to be “that guy” but these are vices/addictions that are being masked by the use of drugs like Lexapro. Until you address the root cause of these issues they aren’t going to go anywhere.

Then there is the whole issue of cross addictions which can be just as problematic.

Have you considered counseling? I think going natty on the psych meds might be a good idea but it should be followed up with counseling to address the root causes. It can be really uncomfortable addressing these types of issues and what causes them but in the long run its totally worth it.

Ive gone on and off the meds… TBH Ive spent more time off than on… I just started taking the Lex about 2 weeks before my trip becuase I was super anxiose about it. Im generally not having problems or doing crazy shit…Pretty tame lifestyle 95% of time. I dont have addiction issues I just might party too hard once in awhile. Yes have had counsling the pros advise staying on the meds… As far as steroid use they dont understand it but classify it as risky behavior… But I dont kid myself. Anything that can dramitically change the exterior will likely have some affect on the interior

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Damn brother!! I had no idea. You’ve come such a long way from there. It could have easily gone another way but you are a testament to what “our hobby” can do for people. Outstanding just fucking outstanding.


Thanks man! You are 100% correct the gym def saved my life that combined with an amazing woman was all the motivation I needed!

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Thanks for the mention @zeek1414. I never really had any anxiety related issues with Tren…either when actively running it or after I came off. As a matter of fact aside from the negative effects on my cario and the night sweats I don’t think I ever felt better than when I was using Tren. The level of aggression I felt in the gym was out of this world and never really manifested in my personal life (no ‘roid-rage’); the strength gains were fantastic and I had an overall sense of well-being. It wasn’t until I came off that things were different. It’s hard to explain but that general sense of well-being was gone and I’m not sure if it had a longer term effect on my brain chemistry (serotonin, dopamine) or if I’m just imagining it.

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