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Tren Ace Injection Pain


I just started running 100mg ED of tren ace made from component TH and a kit.
I have been alternating between my guads. They are getting so sore it's hard to walk. I have heard they will build up a tolerance but I'm wondering if I should ad 4 to 6 more injection sights instead. It has only been a week.


I like to leave a spot at least 5 days before repinning so yeah, I would add more spots.


Thanks. I'm also going to add more oil so that its 100mg per 1.5 ml. It burns going in like the BA is too high. Also thinking about buying my own BA and BB instead of a kit so I can control the BA level.


Ya use more sights. Ace can hurt. Get some slin pins and use delts, bis and chest.


I cut it with more oil as described and did my pec with a 1/2" 27 gauge this morning. So far every thing is good. Thanks again


ace was always super smooth for me... but that cough... jesus christ... 1st time it happened i could picture my self dying in my bathroom with a needle stuck in my shoulder...


I had that before with ak kit from a now out of business kit supplier. I'm just waiting for the night sweats to kick in. I have never experienced tren dick. Not sure if I'm lucky or it's because I'm old as fuck with a natural test level in the 220 range and I get a 200 mg per week of test cyp scrip from my family doc.


Ya that cough, get that from time to time. Never been bad though.

You shouldn't get tren dick if your running some test with it. But if you do could be high prolactin and then a DA should be used.


tren dick? the only thing i get some times is the ability to last for ever... some times its annoying, sometimes its awesome... depends on the allocated time for said deed, lol


Or if she is any good. Second chest injection this morning. The rotating is working and I can now make out the outline of my right knee. Also not walking like one leg is shorter than the other. Injections burn like fuck but pain is gone in an hour.