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Tren Ace Homebrew Tips/Advice

So I have some Tren Ace pellets that I mix with B12 and inject…any tips, tricks or advice…I have a good source but is unavailable at the moment (he was the one that showed me how to do it the first time) plus you guys give solid advice…tonight I couldn’t get the tren to fully dissolve into the B12 and thus couldn’t get it in the syringe…I have a feeling that I didn’t crush the tren pellets up enough before adding the B12 but that is just a guess…

Anyone have any experience with this?

On the slim chance that you are a moron and not a troll,

just type “fina conversion” or anything similar in a search engine and follow the directions.

Basskiller has a good site with step by step instructions and pictures.

Do you have any BA/BB.

BA 3% BB15% use grapeseed or cottonseed oil as ur carrier mix in sterilized glass heat to 250 for about 20 or 30 minutes draw up into a big syringe attach a whatman .45 um filter and needle to the the top of a sealed sterile jar with anouther needle next to it so the air has somwhere to be displaced by the oil and run ur juice through the filter.

just got done brewing a batch of course I was using raw trenbolone acetate powder from china not fina pellets but I would assume the same methods would work.

There are also many Bill Roberts post in this site about fina conversions, they are very informational.

Dude…no. Don’t do this. Those pellets are full of binders (glue!) that you do not want in your body. Remember that the intended use is in cattle which are about to be slaughtered, so the manufacturer doesn’t much care if the binders are safe in your body long-term. You have to properly convert it…

Follow a proper conversion. http://www.basskilleronline.com/steroids-finaplix-tren-conversion.shtml

That’s the best one I’ve found. It is time-consuming but it works great. Bill Roberts and others have some variations which are known to work very well, also.