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Tren Ace Frequency


What do you prefer: ED or EOD?


I hear ED for steadiest blood level.




Twice a day.


All of the horror stories I hear seem to have one common element: infrequent or irregular injection schedule.

All I've ever done is ED and it has worked wonderfully for me.

Besides, pinning is fun!


Yeah - Tren A shot even at different times of the day messes me up a little.

For me, I shoot ED and always in the morning.

If it's still kicking your ass then drop the dose. I handle 100mg ED with no problem (No bad aggression, night sweats etc) but in the past I've had very similar (although not quite as good) strength gains at around half that dose.

[edit] Cortes - you are a pin whore, and yes, it takes one to know one! :slightly_smiling:


75mgs ED,plus 100mgs prop=good times!I got mood swings when I tried EOD.


TNT-200 ED :wink:


Then ED it is! I've wondered do side effects and frequency have something in common...

Yeah pinning rulz!!! :))))


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wait by front of your quad do you mean by the VMO? Or in the rectus femoris?


Having recently recieved this same advice from this splendid fellow, I can say that it works magnificently! :wink:



You are referring to the top part of the quad (when sitting) around the middle point between hip and knee and also the middle point from side to side??

When you say you use the same monoinject for all 3 shots, do you mean that you fill the monoinject with 90mg (probably 0.9 ml) and pin on 3 different days (capping and storing the monoinject between shots)??

If so are there any hygiene issues??



I'm obviously not BBB, but there's no magic site to use insulin pins on - the point is just to inject somewhere with very little subQ fat.

For instance, I use my quads (vast lat, rectus fem) tris, delts (whichever head), biceps... basically anywhere that will allow me to deposit the oil into a muscle, and not fat. I would not (for example) use the dorsogluteal site.



Makes sense. I have used quads and delts so far. I pin the outer quad, that's why I was asking about the top of the quad. I thought outer was preferred.


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Thanks BBB


Indeed - I was quite shocked when I first saw my old boss (a T1 diabetic) shooting insulin through his shirt and into his belly.

The needle had been used several times before too.

He said he'd done it that way for years with no negative effects so I agree it's all about risk assessment.

Where you been this weekend anyhow BBB? Very quiet without you.


well I agree, ive dated a T1d and she did the whole through the shirt thing, but they are only going subQ isnt IM a lot more prone to infection? I know its a lot more vascular I think the risk is a lot greater? Im just asking, I would love to do BBBs idea but thats just what has been holding me back... Any ideas?




Any thoughts about poking smaller muscles like biceps or triceps... or even pecs?

How long does it take for Tren to kick in?
Is 30mg ED adequate with 500mg Test/w or should I bump to 40-50mg (been thinking about 300mg/w)? Maybe see about side effects and than correct the dose...