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Tren Ace for Back-to-Back Cycles?

I used Tren Ace/Test Prop for a 9 week cycle 100 ml each ED with winny at 50 ml the last 2 weeks followed by HCG and clomid. I had great gains in almost all aspects without gaining a pound. Putting on weight is something I could do without.

And with all the horror stories I heard about Tren I had only 1 side affect, a sore elbow from doing flies at weight I could never imagined doing before the cycle. So my question has anybody done a repeat cycle using Tren Ace, and what were the results? Suggestions welcomed.

By the way it has been about eight months since I finished this cycle.


first off its mG no mL lol and 100mg ED of tren Ace starting off is a little high but obviously it worked. what are your precautions with using it again? what is telling you that you couldnt/shouldnt? you’ve taken 8 months off why would you think you couldnt run it again? i wouldnt bump the dose at all though.

After 8 months off I don’t see any problem with you running tren ace and test prop again. As mentioned the dose is already a little high, so I wouldn’t go too crazy at bumping that up. Maybe try shooting 125mg/day of prop just so you have a more favorable test:tren ratio.

Also if you want even more size and strength throw in anadrol and winstrol at 2:1 ratio for the first 4 weeks. Dbol would also be a good choice for an oral.

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~You took 700mg/week of Test and Tren and didn’t gain? You must have leaned out quite a bit or something - that’s a pretty high dose. If you are wanting to not put on weight, then half that dose would be much better suited for future cycles.

~No problem with repeating the cycle (or at least close to the same) especially with 8 months off. Honestly I feel that the Winstrol is far more detrimental to your overall health than Tren.

~I would use the HCG during you cycle next time, as it really is just an extentsion of your cycle when done post cycle with short esters. Running through-out the cycle will maintain rather than trying to regain.

~As hinted at before; I would drop your dose in half next time and you should still experience some good gains, and the diet part will determine whether you gain weight or not.

I was just thinking along the same lines at Thebeat,

I guess im the only one that thinks there no way you should do a cycle. I think you should do a few cycles of reading nutrition books. Potentially some training books as well, but get yourself a double of nutrition information.

I would think it to be a better idea for you to figure out what went wrong with your first cycle prior to thinking about commencing a second.

Id also be worried about the true mg/ml of your product as your the first person ive heard of that has experienced absolutely zero side effects from 700mg/wk of tren ace on top of the same mg of prop.