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Tren Ace Filtering


Tren Ace 100mg/mL (slightly overdosed)
2% BA
15% BB

After maybe 10-20mL it clogs the .2u bottle top filter every damn time. Then I run the remaining solution through a second and I usually get it through.

Will using coffee filters to prefilter it fix this?

I only have 8ish grams left of tren so I don’t want to mess this up. (Gonna make 1000mL Zyzzbolone)

It is also cloudy when cold but it is always warm and clear (well golden clear) when going through the filter.

I haven’t seen anybody post about this recently but I have seen threads from a few years ago, mods if I am out of line sorry in advance.


To answer my own question YES coffee filtering the tren will stop the Bottle Top Filter from clogging.

I assume this should be done with any dirty or rougher gear. Tren was just the first issue I had.

It has since gone cloudy (minor crash) but nothing a warm bath wont cure.

That was some 90 Tren A - 50 Mast P - 30 Test Prop AKA Zyzzbolone