Tren Ace Expiration Question

If sealed is Tren Ace still good if says expired 2019/2020 ?
I always thought anything in a vial stayed good long term

Well its probably long term as it is already in the vial for a few years before it hit the 2019. Most cases its 5 years, so it was made in 2014, and it expires in 2019, for example. That is a long term imo.

As far as using it goes - i wouldnt. I would use it if it expired like a few months back. I would take orals up to a 1 year after they expire, but not sure about injectables, especially UGL. God knows, those can be contaminated even when withing the expire date, haha.
2-3 years is a bit much… I mean, its not like it costs 1000 dollars, right? Idk how much it costs for you but 10ml of tren ace is like 40eur which is like 50 dollars. I dont think its worth to risk it.

I believe the biggest concern is the carrier oils going rancid.


Just was thinking use it up… got a lot of stuff pre pandemic… yea it’s not mega expensive it’s just as a whole I’m tossing lots of stuff…seems wasteful if it still works