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Tren Ace Experience

Iv decided to start a small log on my tren experience. Iv seen recently a lot of positive and negative experiences from people commenting on other post so figured I would start a thread for anyone who searches the topic in the future.

There seems to be a bunch of different ways to run tren with everyone swearing thier way is the best. Iv decided thru research and the experience of buddies to set mine up in this fashion.

25-30mg test prop ED-200/werk
50mg tren A ED-350/week
75mg mast ED-525/week

There is a chance I will go up to 75mg/day tren depending on sides in a few weeks. As I understand everyone has a different threshold where the side effects start to outweigh the benefits.

I started this cycle 4/25/19
6foot 228lbs 14 %BF
Goal is recomp

Before starting I had bloods drawn and decided thru a heavy dose of bro science to lower my estrogen down to the mid 20s with the use of aromasin if anyone is interested in the reason for this il be happy to elaborate. I started the use of P5P (activated b6) at 150-225 mg /day from the start of cycle and have caber on hand if that turns out to not be enough.

Any questions about diet, calorie intake, other supplements I’m taking, training etc il be happy to answer.

So far the noticeable side effects from the first day was trouble sleeping. Not necessarily insomnia for me just a bit more difficult. I use 0.1 clonodine at night which helps wind me down. Noticeable increase in pumps the following day and from the 3rd day on is when the obvious mental side effects became apparent. So far the are highly enjoyable. A major sense of well being followed with ridiculous energy. I wake up earlier then normal and feel 100% rested. Libido also went thru the roof. I can see how for some men especially in a relationship this could be a major issue. It gives me an almost animalistic urge and if I was completely satisfied with my marriage I could see myself straying.

As far as appetite. The following day after first pin my appetite tanked. I had to force my self to eat. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I’m aiming for a slight caloric deficit. I will note that the last couple days my appetite is coming back slowly but surely.

I will update periodically when new situations or side effects present themselves.

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Very similar experience with tren 4 months ago, was running 150ml a week and had epic night sweats, the same urges and feelings of well being also. Excellent pumps and gains but gave me a little bit of gyno, even though I was using arimidex and caber.
Switched to aromasin now which I’m hoping will work better.
Also found using ayurvedic herbs and extra zinc vit e and iron helped me cycle off and recover quicker during pct.

Well since Tren doesn’t aromatize I don’t think switching to aromasin is going to help you prevent Tren induced gyno. For that you need Caber or Prami.

I get night sweats on high testosterone doses. Real bad il soak sheets and stink. I thinks it’s due to elevated estrogen. That’s one of a few reasons I lowered my estrogen levels before starting. Night sweats have been almost non existant so far.

Just to be clear I’m not using an AI on cycle. The bro science I used was get my levels to the mid 20s I believe this reduces a lot of tren side effects and with my test dose being minimal they shouldn’t raise much while on blast. Il be getting bloods about 4 weeks in to monitor them if they are above range I will add in a few more doses of aromasin to bring them back down.

Agreed. I chose caber as I believe it’s the superior option. Altho im gonna go the P5P route for the first 4 weeks if I get my bloods and it shows elevated prolactin I will add in caber.

My understanding is altho an AI will do nothing to lower prolactin but keeping estrogen within range will help from prolactin raising to begin with Sort of a preventive measure. I don’t know how accurate this probably a bit bro sciencey but iv decided to try this concept and will know with bloods if it’s working.

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The epic sense of well being and being well rested makes Tren sound amazing.

Any before photos you’d care to show? I’m always down to look at jacked dudes online, no homo of course haha

Be careful falling into the Tren trap…That sense of well being indicates that the compound is altering your brain chemistry (dopamine levels I believe) ; nothing in our traditional PCT protocols addresses potential changes to dopamine levels. Some folks, yours truely included, feel that recovery from the 19-nors to be problematic in returning to normal levels of mental well-being.


Yeah I think the adex I had was crap hence my switch to aromasin, was running high test low tren, might even try p5p as zeek mentioned. Interested to see how the rest of you’re cycle goes.

Due to past run ins with the law in my youth and the fact I’m covered in easily identifiable tattoos I’m not comfortable taking pictures. But I will be getting a body scan at the end and will update. I might also take some body measurements at some point.

I couldn’t help but think the same thing. It has me wondering if there will be a major low post cycle. I understand it’s different for everyone and was well aware of the possibility of permanent issues or atleast long term issues. Fingers crossed and staying optimistic tho!

From my research it seems the hight test low tren cycles are what causes more issues. This is why I opted for the low test high tren. Also if you know you have prolactin induced gyno from tren in the past I would suggest skipping the P5P and starting right on the caber. No need to chnace it. I contemplated starting immediately on caber but decided to hold off and run just the p5p. This is subject to chnage tho depending on my 4 weeks bloods.

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Are you stacking these draws in one syringe to pin Ed to prevent tren cough?

If not have you ever experienced tren cough?? That shit scares the hell out of me quite frankly.

I had my first experience with it the other day. I probably should have mentioned it in my original post. Thankfully I was mentally prepared for it had I not been I probably would have called 911 lol. It felt like an allergic reaction throat got itchy and felt like it was closing up. Thankfully it only lasted about 30 seconds.

This was when I had it all stacked 50units tren, 30 units test 75 units mast. So unfortunately stacking doesn’t seem to be the 100% fix I had heard it helps tho.

I have also done just tren shots and was fine so it seems to be truly random.

Iv heard things like pinning tren in glutes leads to tren cough more often I don’t know how true this is but iv recently started using slins and pinning in my delts and might try quads. Gonna just play with it a little do some trial and error and see if I can find a way to prevent it. If not, as long as I’m not going thru it daily it’s not something that will prevent my cycle from moving forward.

I did alot of reading on tren cough just out of curiosity. Seems to be random so lots of people speculate that it’s when you either inject near a large concentration of capillaries or when you clip/pierce a vein of any size and the tren gets in the blood and irritates the tissues of the lungs.

Scares the hell out of me like I said some guys saying they were pinning 150mg tren had 10 min spells where it felt like they were on the brink of death

Everyone is different some guys say run the tren higher than the test… I did this and I had worst trensomnia ever… Nothing I mean nothing knocked it down. Literally went 2 weeks no sleep just sporadic naps… Also running tren higher than test shut my nuts down so hard it felt like I got donkey kicked in sac… I used this before with Tren last year on a "get jacked for beach cycle’ so cutting and beefing …
1ml test prop & .5 tren ace EOD, 50mg winny ED, .25 caber 2x week, .25 Anastrozle 2x week, HCG 500 as needed
Ran that 10 weeks diet was ok easily hit 200-205lbs and got down to 10% when started I was 190 prolly 15ish

I fell for the bro science and did this 4 weeks ago… I dont recomend it
.50 Tren Ace ED
Test prop 100ml 2x week
winny 50mg daily
caber .25 2x week
Anastrozle .25 2x week
Gainz were good went from 189-183 stripped off 3% (this is a cut btw diet is very lean)
But the nut pain & no sleep wasnt worth it so had to tap out & re-evaluate… Now Im back to the cycle I ran last year & feel much much better

I think you nailed it on the head with everyone is different. The main reason I opted for the low test high tren is due to how my body responds to high test. I’m not a big fan of the feeling it gives me. The insomnia I’m experiencing so far is very little. I wouldn’t even call it insomnia just takes about an extra 30 mins to fall asleep and I wake up about an hour earlier but fully rested. I’m still getting a solid 7-8 hours.

Iv got caber on hand but I prefer less drugs the better so it will only be used if necessary. As far as an AI I hate messing with them on cycle I used aromasin pre cycle to get E2 down in mid 20s and with my body and the low test dose I shouldn’t have to worry about it climbing much during cycle.

Yup out of everything I have read this seemed to be the most believable explanation. That’s probably the biggest negative side effect iv experienced so far and as long as it’s not daily it won’t bother me to much.

Personally Ive always ran an AI on cycle and never had estrogen sides. On tren ive always ran it with winny too so Im extra cautious with tren :eggplant:
I might be wrong but if prolactin build up occurs the caber isnt a instant fix u might be stuck with a limp noodle for a week or two. In regards to tren cough never had it but Ive gotten huge head rushs, fast heartbeat. Feels like doing a line of booger sugar. But when mixed with test in pin nah nothnothing. Enjoy the gainz a lil tren goes a long way imo… I dont have the tolerance for over 200… But at 150-200 it does the job with minimal sides

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What are your strength levels at heading into this? And from your research, down to what bf % would you call this a successful recomp for you?

I can rep 365 on the bench for a few. I don’t dead lift due to lower back issues. I don’t really lift for strength the majority of my training is based on weighted bar work and dips. Altho I of course use a couple days a week for isolation exercise. This is usually one day for arms and one day for shoulders. Other then that I stick primarily to the bar and dip rack weighted with multiple variations. And the mandatory 1 day a week legs.

I was hesitant to set a Bf goal going into this because it’s my first tren run I’m eating in a very slight caloric deficit I would call it a success if I can get to 10% anything lower would be a bonus. 9 days in scale is the exact same but def noticing a change in body composition already. Altho that might just be due to the 24/7 pump I seem to be holding.

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15 days in and I’m nothing short of amazed. I’m up a solid 1.5lbs on the scale sitting at 229.5 but down noticeably in body fat. At this rate I doubt I will use the tren for the full 12 weeks altho it’s tempting because I feel amazing but I had a goal in mind or an image of where I wanted myself and I feel I’m way ahead of schedule I might cut it short at 8 weeks well see when the time comes.

As far as an update on side effects.
Physical sides are almost non exsistant. Sure it’s a bit harder to wind down at night but I find if I’m in bed by 10 I can fall asleep by 11 and sleep until 8 no issues. Besides pissing all night lol I’m guessing that’s the tren pushing water out of my body it doesn’t bother me tho wake up piss go back to sleep and drink my 3 am protein shake while I’m at it. Night sweats are almost non exsistant they are there a little but not even enough for me to flip my pillow or use a towel.

The major noticeable physical side is my cardio or what was once my cardio RIP! I don’t notice it unless I’m paying attention but if I focus on it il realize that even a brisk walk will have me breathing heavy almost like the air is thick but as I said it’s not noticeable unless I focus on it. What is noticeable is during my training especially towards the end I find myself having to take a few extra seconds to catch my breath in between sets. Which is fine it gives me more time in the mirror.

Now onto mental sides this is what really suprised me. I was expecting an abundance of physical sides and completely under estimated the mental sides. Iv noticed that all my feeling are amplified wether it’s anger, happiness, or sadness, stress, or anxiety everything hits like a truck. Fortunately Im in a position right now that my life is super stress free. My relationship with my wife is the best it’s ever been we have our first kid being born in August which fills me with excitement and happiness and she is an amazing woman so arguments are non exsistant this is important I think because the tren has given me this crazy sex drive to the point where if I wasn’t happy or if it was a broken relationship it would be a disaster plus she’s smokin hot which keeps my mind from really ever wandering.

I have noticed a slight increase in irritability at dumb stuff. For instance I had to call to set up a doctors appointment and the fucking recording pissed me off you have to press all these damn numbers and listen for 10 mins just to get to a human normally stuff like this doesn’t bother me but I caught myself ranting about how it was bullshit to my wife. I realized right away it had to be the tren and it actually made me laugh.

As far as diet goes I’m still at about 300 under maintenance but I’m going to be changing macros a little iv been advised to lower my fat and up my carbs slightly so I’m dropping 20g fat and adding 50g carbs I’ll see how this works for a couple weeks and go from there.


How’s the progress?

Absolutely ridiculous.

Iv been eating in a steady slight deficit and extremely clean chicken and jasmine rice twice a day with oatmeal for breakfast and low carb high protein for dinner. Very little fat in my diet mostly protein and simple carbs from rice and bread. On my off day il replace some carbs for fat and protein like breakfast will be eggs instead of oatmeal and il replace a chicken and rice with a chicken wrap.

My point in outlining my diet a little bit is I’m clearly not a any diet that could be even remotely considered a “bulk” but it seems like anything I put in my body is going right to my muscles. I started a little over 4 weeks ago I’m up a solid 5 lbs on the scale and down what looks to be a nice bit in bodyfat.

My wife said to me the other day " you know everyones gonna think you use steroids" this is coming from someone who never notices any of my gains or fat loss because she says “I see you daily so I don’t notice it” it was at that moment I knew I wasn’t the only one noticing major results lol.

Im thinking of dropping calories a bit more I wasn’t really intending to get a whole lot bigger I might try a couple weeks at about 500 cal deficit and see what happens… Maybe

Iv also noticed the “trensomnia” or little there was is completely gone now I sleep like a baby and night sweats are maybe twice a week a very minimal.

Cardio is still garbage and I sweet like a pig when I lift and I have to keep my house at 67 degrees but that’s fine.

Now here’s the problem. My blood pressure is steadily creeping up as well as my resting heart rate (around 100-105) the hear rate doesn’t bother me but the blood pressure is getting to the higher 140s over 80 once was even 152/87. This could be problematic. I don’t have any high BP sides but regardless that is still getting a bit out of my comfort zone.

So I’m left with 2 options. Decide a certain point where if it gets that high I bail or I start on some BP meds. I really don’t like using more drugs to solve other drugs sides so iv decided if it tops 150 for a a week then I’ma bail. I’m doing everything naturally to keep it in check so hopefully it won’t.

I had a bunch of anavar I was thinking of tinkering with the last 6 weeks but that’s probably not going to happen unless I can get this BP under control (fingers crossed)

Another thing iv noticed if I don’t drink my normal amount of water (a gallon and a half thru out the day) my piss gets rust colored and stinks.

Gonna be getting bloods drawn soon to check prolactin and see if I need to start caber or if I can keep with the P5P. So far no high prolactin sides libido is still thru the roof erection is great it seems my sensitivity has gone up as well.

Current doses
Test p-210mg/week
Tren a-400ish /week
Mast e- 600/week


That’s awesome man! Think high E2 could be the blood pressure issues?

Question, if I may. In your other test/Tren cycles have you always kept the test lower than the Tren?