Tren Ace & Equipoise Cycle

Hey Guys
Planning on starting a Tren Ace, Equipoise and Test Prop Cycle.
Wk 1-10 - Test Prop 75mg/Eod
Wk 1-10 - Equipoise 250mg Twice a week
Wk 6-10 - Tren Ace 75mg/Eod

Pct after 4 days of my last Tren Shot.
Arimidex & Caber on hand. Not very much prone to estrogen sides.

Have cycled thrice before all being mild doses of Tren, Test & Masterone.

Current Stats
14% BF

Need your advices on above.


I don’t see how Equipose has its place. Prop/Tren Ace sure… But equipoise is so long and mild comparatively and needs to be run much longer to maximize benefits. I like your prior cycle much better.

Perhaps he has boldenone cypiomate of acetate… doubtful though as EQ is typically trademarked for boldenone undecyelenate

Regardless, the notion a hormone needs X amount of time to be run is ludicrous, it kicks in straight away, if he injects enough for concentrations to instantaneously be surpapjysiologic (500 or so should do for an ester shorter than undecanoate) then he will make gainnzzzzz, might not be optimal, nor do I encourage it as I don’t condone anyone to make decisions based off my advice as AAS should be a choice made individually but in theory… it’ll work

I both agree and disagree which I know sounds odd. Yes you will likely see something even in short durations… but are you maximizing the reward for the risk… no.

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Nope. That’s not a pct, that’s just taking a SERM for fun. You run a SERM as a post cycle therapy, not a still on cycle therapy. The EQ will take a solid three (more likely four) weeks to clear, which means your pct will have no meaningful effect and when you’re done you’ll be pretty much at zero testosterone for months. You need to go back to the drawing board.

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So here is the restructured one :

Wk 1-10 Test Prop 75mg/EOD
Wk 1-10 Tren Ace 75mg/EOD
Wk 6-10 Masteron 500mg/EW

Might throw in some stanazolol in the last 4 weeks depending upon the conditioning the only bad side I get from Stana is some really bad Lower Back pumps😪

Can go up with tren in case the sides are not harsh. I get Insomnia and Night Sweats with Tren and ffaaaaackkkk crazy libido.

Pct post 4 days of last tren shot as the all the 3 esters would be out of the system I beleive.

2000iu HCG 2 times a week for 2 Weeks
Clomid 100/100/50/50
Nolva 40/40/40/40
Ashwagandha .50mg/ED
Gokshura .50mg/ED

Any comments on Cardarine during the cycle ? Heard apart from the endurance it helps in controlling the lipids in order.

So you are taking mast for 4 weeks, but only one shot per week? So are you taking mast prop or E?

HCG at 2000 iu 2X a week is too much and not optimal. Take 500 iu EOD or 250-300 iu ED. You could push those numbers a bit, but much more than that is just going to convert to E2.

Mast would be 500mg/wk broken into 125mg/EOD. It is Mast Prop…sorry missed the EOD part in the initial query.

So HCG 500iu EOD for 2 weeks would be sufficient for PCT ?

No you don’t want to run HCG during PCT. Standard weekly dose of HCG during cycles or TRT is 800-1000iu total per week but pinned several times (2-3). For the PCT stick with one SERM or the other. No need for both IMO.


So 200iu HCG EOD From Wk2-8 on cycle.
Nolvadex 40mg 4-5 weeks for the pct. Does this sound right ?

So you are running short esters. You probably want a week and a half or two weeks for those to clear out before doing your SERM PCT. During that time I would use the HCG to help bring back ball function.

This is what I would do.

Last shot occurs
HCG 500 IU EOD for a total of 1.5 weeks after your last pin. I would start pinning HCG the day of your last shot.

.5 week of nothing to let the HCG clear out (~24-36 hour half time)

standard 40 40 20 20 of Nolva.