Tren Ace Effects vs Dosage, No Effects 10 Days In

Hey all,

I’m 10 days into a cycle of:
Test Prop 40mg ED (280 / wk)
Tren Ace 70mg ED (490 / wk)
Winny 60mg ED
Adex .25 EOD
Nolva 10mg ED

and am seeing absolutely none of the effects people normally associate with Tren. Aggression is way lower than it was on 500mg of test a week (just test), strength is pretty much even, muscular hardness is unchanged (10% BF), vascularity is unchanged, and libido is in the toilet.

Basically… it barely seems like I’m on anything at all. I’m getting bloods done in a few days (At the two week mark) but I wanted to check in with people here to see if this seems atypical. How long does it take to see effects from Tren Ace? Would you expect to notice it after 10 days or does it takes longer to work? Is 500mg just too low a dose to notice anything? I’m thinking the Tren I got is just shit.


that tren is bunk… i had a long string of shit product and didnt realize it until i finally got real tren A.

420mg per week of tren a and i could tell a large difference. pee turned orange, i dried out, leaned out, could eat way more carbs and not get fat…

real tren will change your life, lol.

If you don’t notice a change in your body temperature at night it definitely is bunk tren. Likely the prop too as that should have an affect with then week. It happens to all of us. Real Tren you will notice…

Thanks for the info guys. I do think that the Prop at least is real (and the tren might just be more prop) since bodyweight is up 8 pounds over 11 days - bloodwork tomorrow will confirm.

Guess it’s time to find a new source. That’s realy frustrating but part of the game.

10 days on tren you should feel it. Tren is kinda brutal, you must feel something related to this drug in 10 days, or your tren is really bunk. Any tren cough?

No tren cough, no noticeable dropoff in cardio, and I’ve been sleeping like a baby. Guess it’s shit. That’s frustrating.

Looking forward to trying the real stuff.