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Tren Ace Cutting Cycle


Whats going on guys,

Im starting a cutting cycle in Mars, Im doing 500mg tren ace, 400mg prop, 500iu hcg EW, Letro on hand, adex, caber. pct clomid 100/100/50/50.

My question is, do i have to add anything, winny, anavar? should i change prop to something else? Any advice on this thread is appreciated!

Stats: 25 yrs, 6’5, 110kg, 16%bf, 5yrs of lifting.


1st cycle? Drop everything but the Test and PCT, keep Adex on hand. I would also choose Test E over Prop in either cycle just to be pinning a little less.

As for your cycle proposal leave out the winny and anavar.


imagine adding test masteron, 200 mg. and personally i would always keep tren higher than test so that ratio looks good