Tren Ace and Winny 6 Weeks

I’m 26, 230 lbs. 16%bf, train 10x week (2/day) with a solid diet. I’ve been training for about 8 years (on and off diet and pizza)

I’ve run 8 week sust/dbol
10 week sust/deca/clen
12 week dbol/testE/tren ace

looking to run a 6 week tren ace/Winny cycle
thinking 50mg Winn EOD and 75mg tRen EOD (or 150mg every 2nd day)

any recommendations or alterations?
I have aromasin on hand will this be necessary? what about pct?


you need a little test (or other aromatising compound) in there or you’ll feel like every ghost in the universe is haunting your body.