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Tren Ace and Testosterone

A buddy of mine who is friends with some bodybuilders was telling me that they said if youre taking a test like enanthate or sust you only need to shoot up the ace once a week.Now i know the ace has a short half life but does that sound right to you guys.

If it is trenbolone acetate, it should be injected every day.

Tren Enanthate can be injected E3D.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: I can’t imagine any circumstance in which such short an ester as acetate would be sufficient every week. I wouldn’t even suggest taking the Sustanon every week, but rather E3D.

Well thats why i ask you guys.I thought sust was combined the way it is with the fast acting and slow acting esters so that you would only need to inject once a week.Is it the purpose of increasing the mg amount or just keeping blood levels up.And about the tren ace.That makes sense.

That’s why I don’t like or use Sust. You pretty much have to use it E3D to take advantage of the Iso and Phen esters. But E3D is not frequent enough for Prop and E3D is truly not necessary with the decanoate. Tren Ace is always an ED regardless of what is it used alongside