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Tren Ace and Test Prop Cycle Help


Hi everyone,

I plan to run Test Ace and Test Prop for approximately 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how my body reacts to the Tren Ace, i've run prop in the past, no dramas. My current stats are 210 pounds at approximately 15-18% bodyfat, height is around 5ft 7/8. Deadlift 220kg, Squat 200kg, bench 150kg max. Training almost 5 years, age 25. This would be my 3rd cycle. I plan to lose plenty of fat and put on a bit of lean muscle, but the main goal is fat loss and I will follow a very low calorie, low carb diet and almost starve myself (I can do this, no problem)

I have 30ml 100mg/ml Tren Ace and 30ml 100mg/ml Test Prop available and I have Nolva for PCT.

I would like to jab everyday to reduce tren sides, but I will try and get away with EOD.

What is the best ratio? 125mg of Prop and 75mgs of Tren EOD? Or should I go 100mgs of Prop and 100mgs of Tren EOD? Or even 125mg Prop and 100mgs Tren? What do people suggest? And should I go for 6 weeks or 8?

I have Nolva for PCT. I can get arimidex, but only if neccessary.

Any advice appreciated.

Thanks guys.


If you shot 75mg EOD, it would take 80 days to go through your supply, or 11 weeks. Honestly shoeless bro jackson, jabbing every day is the best play here. For my first tren cycle, I had pretty amazing results at 50-60 mg per day. If I were you, I would do 60mg tren/60mg prop ED. This will give you about a 7 week cycle, which you will see tremendous gains with. If you homebrewed, I would recommend brewing a little more prop and increasing the dosage, but you should be solid with 60/60 ED.


Thanks bro.

I don't 'have' to go through all the Tren/Prop lol, i want to do somethign that will be short and sweet and hopefully with minimal sides. 60/60mg sounds good....but ED injections is going to be a bit of a hassle because I have to travel around 20 mins to jab lol. But if it needs to be done I'll do it.

Anybody else have any suggestions in terms of dosage/injection frequency?


Many of us find using lower doses of test minimizes the classic tren sides. IME capping test at no more than 250mg/wk greatly reduces if not eliminated tren sides even using tren as much as 700mg/wk. I do concur that tren ace must be hit ED and prop while it can be hit EOD, ED is better.

So something like 30mgTP and depending on your tren tolerance 50-70mgTRA ED would be a nice little duo/combo. Make no mistake that a little tren goes a long way. I've used 50mg ED and 100mg ED and 100mg is definitely not twice as good/effective despite being twice as much


Thanks for that.
Although, I have read that having equal Test or Higher is essential in preventing Tren/Fina dick.
Are you saying that this is by and large not the case and I'd be better off going with the lower dose of TP and higher dose of TRA?

Thanks again.


Yes precisely. 200-250mg is an adequate level of test to keep you keepin' on so to speak. Also more test will not prevent tren-dick thats where the myth is. Rest assured tren dick does not occur from a lack of test but rather an adverse reaction to the tren itself. In that case ancillaries will be more beneficial than just throwing test at the problem


Thanks again!
As of tonight, i will hit 30mg TP and 70mg TA ED and see how I go. I'm glad to keep the test down, because I tend to bloat a little even on prop.
Depending on how I tolerate the tren, i'll go from 6-8 weeks.

Also will capping TP at around 210mg a week, limit the tren side of acne to an extent?
I am prone to acne on the back and last cycle, i needed medication to get rid of it, i may have to go down the same route again...but would be nice if I didn't have to.


It might, hard to say that such an individualized thing. Less test does means less estrogen and estrogen is often the culprit behind acne


I hope so.
Starting tonight, first cycle in over 2 years, so should be good. :smiley:

Thanks for the input again everyone.


Is there a reason some people use a 2:1 Test/Tren ratio over the other way around? I'm trying to find out why some do this but most don't provide an explanation. Even some of the Bill Roberts stuff I've read only says "run at least 100mg/wk of Test w it."-but nothing further. So why cap the Test at 250mg/wk? Most people say for first time Tren users to start off at 50mg/day to assess tolerance- that's only 600mg/wk between both. Even when throwing in Dbol or Winny it seems to be on the smaller side, until you bump up the TA to 100mg/day.

Also if anyone wants to add, what's the typical length of use for Dbol or Winny when on a Tren cycle? I would think you would want to run it a little longer than on a non-Tren cycle.


Well, I just had my second shot tonight.
30mgs of TP and 70mgs of TRA.

So far so good, pinned without drama. No sides noticeable yet. I feel a lot harder already, but I'm sure this is placebo as its too early for the drugs to have kicked in. Did squats at the gym, no noticebale change in workout quality.

Will keep you all posted boys.



Just came off a Test p/Tren a cycle. It was 350/350/wk, the test p at 350mg didnt really help with the libido issues. No tren dick but definately a drop in desire, how is your pain from the shots? ED shots were a pain in the ass (literally), and I found that jabbing in a particular site rendered that and surrounding muscles useless for a workout.

E.g a quad jab would mean no leg workout or cardio (tried this, made the pain and recovery worse), delt jab would mean no upper body workouts (tried chest = bad, back = not too bad, delts = forget it). This threw my whole routine off for around 3 days waiting for the site injection to heal up. How are you dealing with the pain of ED pinning?

BTW, this cycle was the best by far, fucking amazing in terms of losing BF and gaining stupid amount of lean muscle, I kept a calorie-surplus, just included empty-stomach low-intensity cardio.


How long was your cycle?

I've only had 3 shots so far, the pain is pretty bad, it feels corked, but I still train the bodypart either way, as I have experience with Test Prop before and pinning doesn't really bother me too much. That said so far I've only jabbed delts and pec. I'll start hitting ventro-glute now, which is a nice site.

Did you notice any other sides? I am using less prop than you did but more tren.


Also, if i ever miss a shot, do I do a 'double' shot the next day? Or do i continue as per normal....


Regarding the pain.

If you have shitty gear, its going to hurt no matter what. If your gear is good then there are ways to mitigate pain.

Keep all injections to 1ml or less, especially in the delts.

Mix the tren and the prop in the same syringe. This is effective if you feel pain from prop (even with low BA concentration).

If youre mixing them and it takes you over 1ml, then draw both into the same barrel, swirl it around for a second, inject some of it in one spot and the rest in another spot. Change the needle if you like, it may be dull enough to cause pain upon entry after going through the rubber and your first injection site.

For injections larger than 1ml my advice would be to draw the total amount into a 3ml syringe. Then take 2 insulin syringes (1ml) and backfill them.

After a few injections in particular site there should be very little pain. Definitely not enough to prevent training. (thats somewhat pointless, dont you think, to use steroids to get bigger that dont allow you to lift weights)


Do a normal shot at the next opportunity. Then another normal shot some time later.

That sort of thing isnt a huge deal. Either option is going to cause fluctuation with short esters.


Good advice, I do all of the above (although all my shots atm are exactly 1 ml)
The pain isn't so bad that I can't workout, even with Prop, i've never realised what all the fuss is about. Sure you feel a bit corked for a bit, but you can still train.

And thanks for the advice regarding what to do if a shot is missed. I am assuming I may miss one here or there due to unforseen cicrumstances, being daily injections.

What are some pleasant sites people have used for ED shots? I found pecs to be very nice...I might try trap after ventroglute. I never like direct glute shots for some reason...


That was my point, Im supposed to be ENHANCED not disabled lol.
The gear wasnt shitty, and everything you mentioned I did, on top of injecting as slowly as possible and making sure the liquid was warmish (not cold). I never injected more than 1ml anywhere, even then it was crippling. As I said, was .5ml tren a and .5ml test p ED, and like you said BONEZ it was counter-productive.
LES, other sides I experienced were night sweats (really bad on the head, not so much on the body), a little depression where your mind makes a mountain out of a molehill, slight cardio impact but not much. Generally, the results were balanced with the sides, the sweats just got worser.

BONEZ could the injection pain have anything to do with neurotransmitter inhibitors I was taking to help with sleep? Zolpidem Tartate, used to treat insomnia but may have "extra"-relaxed my muscles causing pain from the shots to be enhanced somehow... dont know.


I tried a bicep shot for my first shot, dont know what came over me. I decided to train back the next day thinking I'd be ok, FUCK! Out of upper-body training for 4-5days. I suppose if you dont experience pain and are relatively lean so you can see veins in your bi's to avoid you could try there. Its fairly easy and adds 2 simple sites to your rotation. I was injecting upto 3.5ml-4ml in my delts at the beggining of the cycle using tri-tren/tri-test, no pain at all but I think the gear was underdosed as I didnt gain much until I switched to ace and prop. Quad injections are also nice and easy.


No idea

Sounds like you dont tolerate the prop ester. Best to just avoid it then.