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Tren Ace and Test Cyp Cycle, Side Effects


I just recently started a cycle of tren ace and test cyp takin 500 mg of each a week takin one injection of test cyp once a week of 500 and tren eod equalling to 500 mg a week also… I’ve been at it 2 weeks but I sorta got a problem with my dick I get hard when I with a chick but it’s hard to maintain it hard and have sex can any one help what else can i take while on the cycle I got Clomid for pct but not takin nothing else on cycle with my stack I’m new to this so plz help me out


pin tren ace ED not EOD, that will fix your dick problems.


@cryptonite is right. Some people are fine with pinning tren A EOD, some not so much. Pinning ED should help. Next cycle you might wanna run a longer compound like Tren E so you don’t have to pin ED and shouldn’t have the floppy dick.


Ok how much am I suppose to pin every day I was talking 2 'll of test cyp a week and 1 ml Monday of tren and then 1/2 eod which was like 2ml the end of week 500 test and 500 then how much do I do every other day and how much is it gonna be in the end of week should I take arimedex also while on cycle and Clomid or save Clomid for pct and just take arimedex


I’m being honest, I am having a hard time understanding what you are trying to say because you can barely form a proper sentence. Use some punctuation, please.

I’m guessing the dosages on your tren is 100mg per/ml? And the cyp, 250mg per/ml? That’s important.

If you’re just now asking how much to take, I am being serious when I say you need to do a PCT and do some research. This is not me being snotty, this is me looking out for your well being.

Your estrogen is most definitely the culprit here, although it could be the absurd dosing frequency of your tren - and the prolactin side effects from it (which would need to be addressed with a drug called caber) - but I’m guessing its the estrogen.


Ok here it goes again sorry ok I’m taking test cyp one shot a week of 500 mg cuz it’s long esthers it last 7-14 days so I do that once a week and tren ace I do every other day except on Monday I do a 250 mg shot then every other day a 125 mg shot totals to 500 mg should I be using one higher than the other or is it ok like that I’m not taking no estrogen controller should I take arimedex,caber,or hcg and how much? Where can I get these products as well I’m new to this like I said so bare with me please and help me out thank you





Everything you have said is wrong, you DO NOT know what you are doing, and you are going to fuck up your hormones FOR LIFE.

You need to look into starting a PCT, at the very least until you know what you are doing.


I was going to suggest switching to IV injections and adding a ml of air into the syringe, but honestly you seem so clueless you might actually do it - do not do this.

Do this;

250mg test c injected mondays and thursday.
50mg tren A every day.
Arimidex 0.5mg every other day.

I can’t be bothered to explain anything to you - you probably wouldn’t listen anyway. Do what i said and you might actually have a good time


Ok if I have it all wrong then why don’t u help me out and tell me how to do it the right way instead of just telling to get off I mean yes I need help why can u tell me how much to use and the proper way to do the cycle I mean come on yes I’m new to this but if no one tells me how it is how am I gonna learn


Grammatical insanity!!! I get frustrated trying to figure out what your sentences mean.


if you are taking 350mg per week thats 50mg ED 50x7 = 350mg , just divide your total weekly dose by the days and pin that, blood will stabilize and help with your erections.

typing from phone so excuse my grammar lmao


Thank you for the help I guess I was using to much tren I was using same amount as test c 500 mg of both so I guess I go down to 350 mg thank you guys for info greatly appreciate it… am I still gonna see results with 350 of them a Week


I chose 350mg as an example, if you are pinning 500mg weekly that would be around 70mg ED. Truthfully go with whatever feels better for you, i started at 350 but i did not notice much until i bumped my dose to 550+ I ran it for 8 weeks but you might be different.


I feel good doing 500 mg of both test ftp and tren ace but some ppl say I have to do more test than tren and some other ppl say do more tren the test per week so I’m confused can I leave it at 500 both or which one do i bump up and should i just take arimedex with my cycle or should i use n2guard and caber as well cuz i only got arimedex right now bro and if so how much and sorry if my sentences are kind of messed up it’s just hard typing on phone and on the road all day lol


My first Test E and Tren E cycle I did 500mg of Test and 300mg of Tren a week. I used longer esters so I only pinned twice a week. People use different things for estrogen. I do different things depending on what I am running in my cycle. On Test and Tren i did 1mg of Adex EOD and it seemed to work just fine.


I’m about to finish up my first test cyp and tren a “blast”. I’ve been running 250 cyp once a week and started out at 75mg tren a eod and I’m up to 125mg tren a eod now. So 250mg cyp and 500mg tren a every week.

No issue with ED, matter of fact, I’d almost welcome it. I wake up around 2-3AM almost every morning with ragging wood and it’d be 4-5AM before it’d subside.


It’s my advice, take it or leave it.


Is your period key broken?? My goodness…


this is solid advice, and for the OP >unless you are willing to pin correctly and pin the tren ED not EOD or whenever your bum feels better you cannot be on this compounds man, tren is harsh as you have seen, your dick not working is just the beginning.

Also do proper PCT, i am not going to post one here there is literally information anywhere.