Tren Ace and Test Cycle

Hi guys been trying to do a bit of research into a test and tren cycle.

My ideas at the moment is I’ll be running:
Week 1 and 2
Test e 125mg twice a week totally 250mg

Weeks 3-10
Test e 125mg again
Tren ace ED 50mg

I have caber and arimidex on hand.

Does this look standard to you guys?


Looks good to me, I’d maybe wait a week or two more for the test to kick in and become stable before adding the tren. The tren will kick in within 2 days. I wouldn’t bother with an AI whatsoever at that dose, unless symptoms show up of course. I dont even run AI when I’m doing 600mg per week and I never get high estrogen symptoms. Some of my mates get itchy nips running 400mg per week so it’s all a matter of how you respond. Be careful with the tren if you’ve never used it before, I’m on my first cycle of it now and the sides can put you off gear. Even though I’ve loved all my previous cycles - this stuff is hardcore and threw me around even at the same dose you have planned.

Cheers for the reply. I was also thinking waiting 3 or 4 weeks then start the tren. I’m just pct from a 12 week test only cycle… I’m thibking of starting this cycle in 2 or 3 weeks after my pct is complete and bloods done, any objections?

If I’m doing a 12 or 14 week cycle I usually do a 4 week nolva PCT at 40/40/20/20 then wait about 5 or 6 more weeks then jump back on it again. It really depends on how heavy your previous cycle was and how well you recover from it. I’d get bloods done a few weeks after PCT to see how well you bounced back first before you decide to go back on. Most people will tell you to finish PCT then wait 3 months before going back on again.

How do you deal with the ED injections?

I don’t pre load the syringes, I take tren every night at around 8pm, I do the test every 4 days and mix it with the tren in the same barrel. I always draw the tren first because it needs to be measured with greater accuracy. I go into quads and glutes and rotate each time, always aspirate especially if going into anywhere other than your ass because the last thing you want is tren going into a vein, that shit won’t be nice

Then why did you even pct? This is the sort of thing that falls into the “irresponsible use” category. There’s a reason that the whole “time off = time on” is a strongly recommended rule to follow.

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I’m on trt for life I think. So pct is useless for me should of never brought that up to be honest. I’ve just come off a blast and want to start with tren on a lower dose of test. Is this good to do straight away?

What do you mean you think? How long have you been on TRT? If it’s more than a couple of years you’ll have a really hard time getting your natty T levels back to any sort of useful range needed for bodybuilding. If you have just finished a blast then you should cruise for at least 2 months in my opinion.

But when on tren the test doseage is close to a trt dose which is what I’m wondering. I’ll be on 250mg of test (125mg if on trt)