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Tren Ace and T3 Recomp?

Hey guys, looking to recomp on 300 mg tren ace per week and 50 mcg T3 per day.

I’ll be doing moderate LISS cardio every day as well, say a heart rate of 140 BPM for 15 minutes.

In terms of food intake, what sort of calories should I aim for compared to my usual maintenance amount? Moderately below maintenance, at maintenance, slight surplus?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Eh. Recomp is tough because there’s no right answer regarding calories. The theory is that because tren is so good at nutrient partitioning that you get increased efficiency from each calorie you take in. And the science says that’s true. But…how much more efficiency? Can you stay at maintenance and still gain muscle? Can you cut at maintenance? Does maintenance even still have a meaning or is it reset because you’re changing the parameters by which we even measure it?

Your best bet is to have a rough plan and then adjust as needed. If you have a fixed plan then you won’t be able to make changes when your body is telling you what you’re doing right (or wrong). I’ve been recomping the last six weeks and my diet has been all over the road on some days. Other days it’s perfect. But the end result is still going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of where I wanted to be. So what does that tell you?


Im towards the end of a recomp/cut cycle with tren 3 more weeks to go but I ran it like this…
Ace .50ml eod test prop 1ml eod
Winny 50mg ed first 6 weeks
Then last 6 weeks add in 4iu hgh daily
Been holding 190 firm & dropping 2% bf every 2 weeks. .i think its all diet but the tren helps u keep mass or gain a bit while in deficit…
My diet is…
Protien 1.5 per lb
Fat .5 per lb
Carbs 1.5 -.5 perlb (drops every 2 weeks)
It worked for me but i agree with tren u gotta play with ratios till u get results without shit sides… Its highly volatile stuff.

How many calories below your usual maintenance calories is that? I’m running a very similar diet.

I try & stick to 10x body weight or as close as possible…im 190lbs now so generally 1500-1900 is what i end up with most days…tbh im really trying to cut last 2% off so 1500 is where im closests to…on the tren its no big deal as long as i get 1g per lb not loosing any meat

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I agree with @iron_yuppie 100%. There is no solid guidelines to a recomp. You need to know your body very well you need to be able to manipulate your diet based around your daily activity/training and you have to be damn good at it to have a successful recomp.

Tren is probably hands down the recomp drug King. Nutrition partioning, stimulating cns, highly androgenic. It really gets no better. I would not use tren in a cut I can cut on many less harsh compounds just as effectively as tren. I think you have the right idea to use it for a recomp. I personally would use a dht like masteron or proviron along side it the synergy is amazing along with the results.

Play around with it if you don’t get it 100% nailed down this time that’s fine the goal is to learn from it so when the next tren cycle comes along you have it perfected.

Oh and the T3 is completely unnecessary for a recomp in my opinion save it for a hard cut it’s not going to accomplish anything in a recomp cycle.


I added T3 because tren really kicks up my appetite :see_no_evil: but it’s so good I’ll suffer on low calories without T3 if that’s what’s needed. I lose hair on the Masterson and Winny type meds btw but not tren for some reason.

Also btw guys I’m doing a 4 day split with LISS every day. My recovery seems a bit meh on 6 days, but I could do a 6 day split to hit every muscle 3x a week with less volume per day if that’s more effective for maintaining muscle/building on a recomp. Less volume per day, more frequency.