Tren Ace and Enth, Mast, Sust - 3rd Cycle

This will be my 3rd cycle. 6’0 231.2 lbs BF: 21% on BIA (with a grain of salt) After my second cycle I decided to cruise rather than PCT.

This is my first cycle with tren. I have ace and enth… Im planning to start with ACE and move to Enth as long as I can tolerate it. Ive never had any issues with previous cycles, but Ive also never taken Tren.

This is a more advanced cycle, but Im interested in getting some feed back, namely on the Tren A- Enth transition (OK or stick with one).

W1-W3: Tren Ace 50-75mg ED (starting at 50mg)
W2.5-11: Tren Enth 200 mg E3D
W2-14: Masteron 150 mg 3x/week
W1-14: Sustanon: 250 mg 1/week + 350 E3D from w14-18
W1-13: Caber 0.25 2x/week

As needed: Adex - not anticipating needing… perhaps weeks 14-18 when test is higher.

Resume cruise of 250 Test E 1/week.