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Tren A w/ TRT Test Cyo

hey guys i am on test cyp for test replace therapy and thats the only form of test i used, im thinking about running a test cyp/tren a cycle, but i know that they wont kick in at the same times, so what would be the best way of doing it?
heres my current plan:
i run 100mg/w of test cyp right now anyway, but heres what im planning on doing, u let me know
test cyp:350 mg week1-10
tren A week 2-10
1mg arimi ED (i always run arimi)
that way when cyp kicks in in about 3-4 weeks the tren will kick in at the same time right? this is my first time to run tren and other than trt i havent ran test cyp before.
i am reliant on roids for rest of life so no pct required obv.

thanks for thoughts and tips guys

That’s a ton of arimidex…what are you taking on your TRT dose? You may need or want to bump it up somewhat on cycle, but 1mg ED is extreme by any measure. That’s the cancer dose for women, and it’s meant to essentially wipe out estrogen in them. We do not want to wipe out estrogen, (it’s useful) only manage it.

TRT dose is 100 mgs/w of test cyp…lol yeah not much.
…also i been using the arimi for a month…no side effects…feelin great brah…low estro cant hurt my fat loss or muscle gain…or anything like that amirite?