Tren A to Tren E Transition


i am on 10th week of my cycle and i am out of tren A but i do have Tren E with me.

is it okay to continue pinning 400mg tren e for rest of the cycle?

The tren a will be out of your system in a few days and the tren E will take 2-3 weeks to take effect. You should have started the E weeks ago if you knew you were running out.

what should i use instead to keep my strength and continue cycle for 3-4 weeks more

i am done with tren as it has made me beast and everyone stalking me alot.

Idk what you have at your disposal

i can get any compound you can think of

Then why not get more tren a? And finish the cycle

done , i will get more tren a and pin it eod like you said i was doing and fantastic difference man. i will pin 300mg/week 100mg eod . like i did this week.

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