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Tren A, Test Prop Dosage

I’m currently doing Test Prop/Tren A at 100mg/75mg EOD . I keep seeing people saying that on this cycle Tren dosage should be higher then Test . But as it is my first time using Tren , i kinda wanna go easy on it and see how my body reacts . Any input is appreciated !

Your instinct is right. Starting lower means you’ll have more wiggle room to adjust if needed.

I did this same exact cycle last summer for 8 weeks had great gains…also threw in 50mg of winny daily… at first didn’t love the tren sides but after a week I adjusted. Had caber & anastrozle & HCG running.
Only issue was sleep
Had back cramps & joint pain but I think that was the winny
Gains were solid but after cycle I got injured & lost em…then got sum fat from laying around. I think tren was fun but honestly it was a cut cycle. For me nothing seems to really add bulk like a good old fashioned test only cycle. I’m not anti tren just feel it’s a tough bitch to handle

What was your dosage on the HCG ?

I took 50 per shot. So 50 units on a slin… Honestly I took it as needed. Meaning when nuts felt real achey and shriveld…so some weeks 1x some weeks 2-3x
The anastrozle was .5 eod
Caber .25 eod

IMO your dosage is good especially for side effects. More is not always better. If you encounter some sides low your dosage and pin everyday this will help reducing hormones fluctuations. With a good and strict diet assuming your gear is good quality, you’ll gain more than a higher dosage with poor diet. Your bf% is related too. I saw lot of people running high doses thinking they’ll gain more lean mass, but they were 14-15% which is far from optimal for metabolism. The lower you are, the faster you gain.

Ive seen alot of people freek out on tren. First time they pin 1ml get tren cough & dial 911. I 100% agree its better used at .5ml ed or 6days straight. Less sides…
Ive tried it same way poster did 100/75 test p/ tren a…but Ive also seen alot of people say tren needs to be higher then test. Just to try a ne cycle I was thinking this for a nice moderate cycle…
200 test cyp .5ml Mon &Thur
TrenA .5ml ed M-SA
Winny 50mg daily
8 week run
Pct just taper tren 2weeks
Then back to 200 weekly cyp on cruise
Only reason i think coming down of tren is good is last time I just stopped I was total asshole