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Tren A / Test Prop Dosage Help


Guys male 32 yrs old. 222 lb. olympic lifter. Body fat 15%. I have 10 ml bottle of tren a and 10 ml bottle of test prop. Tren at 110mg/ml and test at 150 mg/ml. Anyone have advice on dosage and pin timing for these? Thanks for the help. P.s. not my first cycle just first time on ace and prop.


Sounds like you have a very short and/or low dose cycle ahead of you. That will get you about 5 weeks of tren a 200mg/wk and test p 300mg/wk. You’ve got the right compounds to do a shorty like that though. You could make some decent progress in that time as these esters are quicker-acting and more potent than the long esters.

Pinning should be done every other day at a minimum, but every day would be preferred. Make sure to waste as little as possible during pins as you don’t have much gear. I like the syringes that have a little nipple on the plunger for pushing that last little bit out of the base of the needle. Almost zero waste that way.

I’m assuming you also have an AI and a plan for PCT?