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Tren A, Test P, Winstrol, and HGH Cycle


Hi every one !

I just finished my 2th cycle in about 2 weeks ago and i started to think about 3th one and i thought see what do you guys think.

My last cycle was test e 250 and 200 deca.

i started at 148 ibs and finished at 157 ibs

As you can see i'm pretty damn skinny :smiley: i started to lift sins i was 16 years old but i have a lot of break, but it's about 2 years now i have start to train hard and good diet ( btw im 24 years old now).

My stats:

24 years old
5.90 height
157 ibs
12 % bodyfat
training 5 days a week
pench press: 222
Squat : 266
Deadlift: 299

276 g protein ed
276 g carbs ed
112 g fat ed
eating 6 meal per day
cheat meal 1-2 time per weeks

protein source: chicken breast , cottage cheese , egg ,fish
carbs source: Rice, oatmeal, green bean , broccoli, banana , honey
fat source: almonds, olive oil, avocado

As i understand about my body i start gain weight 2 weeks after my first injection for around 3-4 weeks and doesn't matter how long i stay i'll not gain more than that.

like my last cycle :

Test e 250mg 12 weeks
deca 200mg 10 weeks
i didn't gain after week 7
till the end of cycle...

I want to start my new cycle but i need your advice, this is what i thinking to do:

Test p 75mg ed week 1 - 10
Tren a 50mg ed week 1 - 10
winstrol 40 mg ed week 6 - 10
HGH ( Somatropin ) 2 IUรƒยข??s per day (or shall i go for 4? ) for 6 month (start 2-3 month before i start tren and test)
here is my current pic
what do u guys think ?


you need to learn more about diet and training before you hop back on


i eat more than 1.7g of protein and carbs per body pound.
35% protein , 35% carbs and 30% fatt

Meal 1:
Banana , oats ,5 egg white , 1 hole egg , honey ,cinnamon 1 tsp olive olivia
Meal 2:
Chicken breast and rice or sweet potato
Meal3 :
chicken breast and rice or sweet potato
chicken breast and rice or sweet potato
Meal 5:
Fish (salmon) and sweet potato
Meal 6 (before going to bed):
Cottage cheese, almonds

And about training, i do

Monday: chest
Thursday: leg
wednesday: shoulder
Thursday : arm
Friday: back
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

can you tell me what is wrong with that ?!


24 years old
5.90 height
157 ibs
pench press: 222
Squat : 266
Deadlift: 299

and 2 cycles deep.. that's what's wrong


also your routine sucks


i don't get your point...
as i said i'm here for some advice....
i don't understand , ''your routine sucks'' how can this help me?!
i mean i'm not genetically freak ... i'm a hardgainer... have really hard time to gain weight and im trying to do my best ...


should i eat more?
more than 3200 calorie per day?


you train 5 days in a row, this is generally considered suboptimal..

you will need to increase your calories to continue growing yes


I train 5 days in a row :(.

But listen to Walkway OP, you need to get your training and diet down. I was 90 lbs heavier than you before I ever touched gear. You have a lot of room to grow without using. You are basically just wasting money.


well imagine how much better off u will be if you were to do like 3 on 1 off :wink:

In all seriousness tho, the ability to recover is highly individualized.. some people can train hard every day for periods of time...others can't really do more than 2 days in a row.

Op appears to be the latter


Definitely true on recovery times. Although some weeks I do take a day off in the middle of the 5 days depending on how I feel that day.


well i'll try to increase my calorie
what do u think about bulking plane for me? like
monday upper body A
tuesday lower body A
wednesday cardio
thursday upper body B
friday lower body B

and whats your advice for cycle? is there anything wrong with that too or its fine?


drop the winstrol and tren, add more test

drop the cardio


The reason i add cardio is i started to gained some body fat.. should i just ignore that ?
And also doesn't cardio on rest day help recover faster?


change your macros around...

and no not really.. sleep helps you recover faster


what do u mean by macro?



....for fuck's sake




Grow and watch porn, duh!


Unreal lol