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Tren A + Test P + Win Cycle (Lean Bulk)


Whats up,
I want to do a lean bulk. 2 Previous Cycles of Test E+ Var + Dbol, This would be 3rd Cycle. First Tren Cycle. Looking at Running HCG through first 5 weeks or first 2 weeks of PCT.

How does this cycle and PCT look? Is there anything else you would suggest? Thanks

Week Testosterone-Propionate Trenbolone-Acetate Winstrol Arimidex
1 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 0.5mg/eod
2 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 0.5mg/eod
3 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 0.5mg/eod
4 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 0.5mg/eod
5 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 0.5mg/eod
6 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 0.5mg/eod
7 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 50mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
8 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 50mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
9 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 50mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
10 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 50mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
11 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 50mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
12 100mg/eod 75mg/eod 50mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
Week hCG Nolvadex
13 500iu/ed
14 500iu/ed (1st 3 Days) 40mg/ed
15 40mg/ed
16 20mg/ed
17 20mg/ed


IMO, might get better result on something more like:
50 mgTest,100 mg Tren, and 0.5 (or 0.25) mg Adex EOD

I’ve heard - and believe, based on anecdotal evidence - that because Tren binds to ARs with 5x the strength of Test, the test or other any other weaker compounds will float around causing side-effects more than they normally would.


It’s kinda a long tren cycle for most and health in general. I like your doses but might up the tren to equal. I’d just bang it hard for 6-8 weeks, recover, repeat as needed- tren and winny are murder to your blood lipids and potentially your cardiovascular system, as well as tren’s noticeable sides can get rough to most.
What are your goals?
If it’s a bulk of any kind I’d run the test equal or higher than tren. If it’s a cutter then test lower or equal. But this is just general and really based on the individual and goals. I also strongly suggest every day dosing, though some get along just fine eod, less than daily fucks my skin beyond belief- though tren period is the worst for me personally.