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Tren-A/Test-P vs Tren-E/Test-E

I am mapping out a TREN/TEST cycle and have responded very well to them in the pat i ran test-sus 350 and tren-e 200 i seen great results but now i want to run tren ace and test p but dont know if i will see any different benefits other than the obvious with the fast esters such as e.g…, kicks in quicker and the fact that if i were to get sides i would be able to combat them a lot sooner as it would be out of my system in a few days rather than a few weeks compared with the Enenthate so with all that said i was going to run my cycle as follows
8 weeks cycle
tren ace 50 mg ED weeks 1-8
test P 75 mg ED weeks 1-8
ran with aromisin throughout as well as something to combat the prolactin buildup
my PCT would be clomid with HCG

so basically this is my own cycle i have put together and need some expert opinions on anything that could possible cause me some issues or anything that could possible meed to be tweaked as well as proper dosing for the AI and what i should use for the prolactin

i am 28 i weigh 215 5’11" this would be my 4th cycle and i really want to make sure i go HARD i want real serious results this time i did a deca cycle and cant say i was happy i would say im intermediate user i ran a (dbol/test------30mgED/500mgEW), then( tren-e/test-sus---- 200mgEW/350mgEW )

For me it’s all about controlling the sides with the faster esters. The faster esters let you adjust your dose and find your sweet spot sooner. Typically higher dose one and lower dose the other. Caber for prolactin.