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Tren A/Test P Cycle


So planning my second cycle (first was 12 weeks Test E 500 mg/week, went great). I keep my body fat pretty low all year and this cycle will be run after the summer so the goal is to put on size and originally it was going to be a sust/deca/dbol but after some research i see the general feeling is deca isnt the best choice and have decided to run a high tren/low test cycle.

Proposed cycle

Tren A 70 mg ED 8 weeks
Test P 30 mg ED 8 weeks

Possibly adding anadrol for the first 4 weeks. I am going to cruise after at 200 mg Test E a week after so there will be no pct. Adex on hand dosing as needed/dictate by labs.

Diet is currently 450 g Carbs a day (500 on legs), 350 g protein, 100 g of fat. Will adjust carbs as needed on cycle, especially if Tren's fat burning effects are as good as I read, carbs will be high.

Cannot find legit source for caber and prami is obviously easy to get but heard prami is rough on the stomach so still researching if theres another option or a decent caber source. Question for the experts though, Im reading everything I can find about Tren and there seems to be a lot of disagreement on Caber/Prami if the Test is run low and E2 levels are kept in check.

Anyone have any advice on this issue or can send me a PM for some good research on it? Not expecting someone to plan the cycle for me but some direction on some solid research would be great. Tren has a lot of conflicting information around it.

Mr. Walkway I know, from lurking around here, you like the high Tren/low Test approach. Did you find Caber necessary from the beginning or dose as needed?


Also, HCG 500 IUs a week throughout cycle.
Adex .25 eod, increase as needed


I have tried the high tren/low test approach a few times and after being counseled by bigger folk I have given it up and now run high test. Im actually only using testosterone at the moment and will for about the next 12 weeks or so

high tren/low test is good for avoiding tren sides, and is good if you want to be "beach ready" assuming diet is on point. But if size/muscle mass is the goal, then high test is actually best even though tren is considered 3-5x more powerful

and I haven't used caber in a long time, never had issues... that's not saying that you wont however as everyone reacts differently


Makes sense. So is there a certain ratio of test:tren you'd recommend or start low with tren and increase as needed.

Test P: 100 mg ED 8 weeks
Tren A: 50 mg ED 8 weeks (adjust accordingly)

I know you said you didn't really have a need for caber but is it safe to say that while a lot of people stick to the "don't run adex until you have gyno" mantra, which in my obvious veteran knowledge seemed pretty dumb, with caber you can play it more conservatively and not necessarily run it from the beginning?


I would always run higher test than tren, you may not feel as good, but you will make better gains.

and idk what to say about the caber, I haven't had issues with not using it before, give it a shot and see for yourself


Mr Walkway is right in that you MAY not have issues running Tren without Caber, but IMO 19nor's and caber go hand in hand like periods and mood swings.

Also regarding the test to tren ratio, people have mixed opinions but IME high tren low test is the only way to enjoy Tren. I simply cannot use tren with high test, the sides are unbearable for me.

IMHO your test dose would probably be too high, my sweet spot is 10mg Test P ED with 120mg Tren A ED. Beautiful. Except the lactation :slight_smile:




Interesting read on progesterone effects of tren.

Singh, thanks but from what I'm getting from a lot of people is the sides will be worse but to put on some serious size high test + whatever is the way to go.


I dont know where you have heard this, but high Tren will always yield better gains than high Test. Obviously combining the two at high doses will result in even more gains but the high Tren low Test approach is comfortable, the sides from high test high tren are just stupidly unbareble.



I know this is true on paper, but in application... it is not so


im running high test and high tren and am seeing very little to almost no sides.... using about 1100test and 840tren

fucking love it... not even three weeks in and seeing good gains and no sides to speak of.

only time i'd think about high tren low test is for a dieting/cutting cycle... although right now im keeping my BF% in check.


Good to hear, man. Yea im definitely going high test and tren. Figuring out now what my exact dosages will be, tren will probably be adjusted based on sides. Test I want to either increase or run Test E along side of it or up the prop and add Test E the last couple weeks into my cruise, had low Test to begin with before I ever went on cycle so planning on blast and cruise for now on.