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Tren A/Test P cycle critique


hey guys,want to make sure I got this clear cut before I embark..

8 Weeks

maintenance - Test Propinate: 100mg/week (34mg EOD)
primary - Tren Ace : 525mg/week (75mg ED)

aromasin 12.5mg ED (Estrogen regulation)
cabergoline 0.5mg EOD (Prolactin regulation)

letro 0.5mg > 2.5mg > 0.5mg ED if gyno occurs (not too sure if this is the best method)

HCG 500 IU a week split into 2 dosages

Clomid 25/25/25/25
Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
Nolvadex 20/20/20/20

Are my dosages fine overall? or should i start tren at 300mg per week and raise by 100mg every week until i hit 525mg to play it safe?

And if any kind of gyno occurs... should i use letro as i have done to combat it and raise the aromasin and caber dosages for the rest of the cycle?

Any kind of advice would be more than welcome. Aim is body recomp.

Will be 24 when beginning and have trained at least 3x a week for past 5 years...


This your first cycle? First run with tren?

  • I like the dosages, you could try a lower dose of tren and see how you respond.

  • aromasin dose looks good, caber is good at .5mg 2x a week

  • if you do get gyno it's hard to say if its from the test or the tren, that's why I asked the first two questions at the top

  • most people taper up with letro and stay at 2.5mg till symptoms subside then taper down, although I don't quite remember but does letro work for prolactin gyno? I may be wrong, maybe someone can correct me

  • hcg looks good, you could do 250iu 3x a week as well if you notice atrophy

  • I would run 50mg clomid for the first two weeks atleast, also I tend to taper off serms as well and taper off the aromasin throughtout pct as well and still take the aromasin ED too


yeah first cycle and first run...

aiming to hit 78kg before i start the cycle at 7-8% body fat and lean bulk using the above....

thanks for the hcg recommendation, will keep that in mind.

what would you take for the aromasin ED in pct 12.5mg or 25mg?
thanks for the advice about the tapering. will employ a 50/50/25/25 for clomid and similar for nolva..

i was thinking that letro can help in the sense it kills estrogen (98%) and helps reduce gyno given elevated levels of estrogen must be apparent for gyno to be induced.. correct me if im wrong though...

i would use nolvadex at 20mg - 40mg to combat the gyno but there is a school of thought that it promotes more gyno given it can spike estrogen levels..

the only other option, if people advise me against letro, would be to raise the aromasin to 25mg ED and raise caber? would that be recommended or is there a better method?

thanks in advance...


hey thanks for the response.

yeah, first cycle.

overall, the aim is to get down to 7 - 8% bodyfat using carb cycling (should be around 78kg by then) and the go on the cycle above to gain lean mass... id be happy to sit around 85kg at 6/7% bodyfat as long as cardio was not compromised. Important for me to maintain my health, although I push the boundaries a fair bit.

Appreciate the advice regarding the tapering in the pct and the added dosage for HCG given atrophy, will do the PCT taper and may do the HCG..

As for the letro, I was under the impression that it reduces elevated levels of estrogen that essentially cause gyno? If that is the case wouldn't it suffice for the prolactin resulting gyno casued by progesterone issues?

If that is not the case, should I bump up the aromasin to 25mg ED and use nolvadex (between 20-40mg until issues subside...). However, there is a school of thought that it makes gyno related issues worse given its raising of related levels..

Would a smarter method involve bumping up caber dosage to 2mg per week, and aromasin dosing to 25mg ED with the onset of gyno.. or is that too risky?


Damn bro, hardcore for first cycle. I understand you are in great shape but your body hasn't had anything like this yet.

My advice, run some test, maybe a moderate dose then a higher one before you jump to Tren. Its just the hardest on your body.

Good luck either way.


I did tren on my first cycle, but I also ran a higher test dosage.

I feel like you would probably feel better with a higher dose of test, but alot of people are in the low test high tren camp, maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

Expect to be strong as hell, expect to breathe heavy, and don't plan on having quickies anytime soon because sex just became a marathon.


I have only ran one cycle, and I ran tren on the tail end of the Test cycle, 50mg test and 50mg prop everyday. I would consider it as I had no bad side effects accept gyno from prolactin, blood levels are more stable, and I have read other people have similar results. I personally like pinning daily as it keeps me even more focused on diet and training. If I were you I would run 8 weeks of test E or Cyp and see what kind of gains you get (which will be a lot) and to know what It feels like to be floating on Test levels that high. Then hit 4-6 weeks of tren/prop. Tren is a completely different animal, and you will probably get more gains doing it that way, or at least feel better ha.