Tren A, Test E Cycle with PCT. Advice Needed

Dear All,

I am planning a Tren A, Test E Cycle along with PCT. I have some questions and I would appreciate some advice. This is not my first cycle as I did a couple of Test E and Test E + Primobolan ones before. My body status is: (height 170cm / weight 95 kg/ bf 21%)

Cycle Length: 12 weeks + 2 weeks off + 8 weeks PCT

Gear: Tren A @ 50mg/day OR 100 mg/EOD . Total 300mg/week
Test E @ 250mg/Sat&Tue . Total 500 mg/week
Caper @ 0.25mg/EOD.
HCG @ 250iu / EOD
Liquid Letrozole: @ 2drops/ same day Test E is administered.

Plan: Test E Weeks 1-12
Tren A Weeks 1-10
Caper Weeks 1-10
HCG Weeks 1-12
Letro Weeks 1-12

PCT: Nolva 20 mg/Day for 8 weeks
Herbal compound to kick start the testes. (horny goat weed, ginseng, maca root powder,

Upon Ksman’s Advice, I have liquefied Femara using Alcohol. 1 tablet (2.5mg)/ 2.5 ML alcohol. I have counted the drops in 1 ML and found that there are 30 drops in each ML. This way, 1 drop has 0.083 mg Letrozole. 2 drops have 0.16 mg.

I have attached the cycle & PCT plan in an image file.

My Questions:

1- Do I have to start Caper from the very beginning or wait to see if i have sides? is the dose 0.25mg/EOD enough?

2- Based on the notion that 1mg Adex/week is enough for 100 mg/Test. The more test there is, the more AI is needed, How much of my Liquid Letrozole would be enough for 500mg/Test/Week?

3- When should I stop AI and HCG at the end of the cycle? Weeks 13/14 are OFF. Should I extend AI or HCG use into those weeks?

4- PCT is Nolva based. Should I include any HCG or Letro?

5- Tren A Dosage: is 50mg/day better OR 100mg/EOD?

Thank you in advance

1st thing, love the spreadsheets.

Next and my big thing instead of doing it weekly do it daily. So rather than take 1 shot every 3 days then every 4th then 3rd etc go every 3rd day OR every 4th day. It will keep your levels more consistent.

  1. Personally I would wait for sides.

  2. This is person dependent and probably really high anyways. I feel I have a higher than average conversion rate of T to E but right now am running 250 Test every 6th day with no need for any AI.

  3. Google this you should find a ton of legit answers but I believe stop HCG 4 days before PCT and stop your AI with enough time for it to clear your system before starting the PCT. I think Arimidex was like 10 days or something but I dont know about letro.

  4. Just the Nolva.

  5. For dose timing either is fine, for dose SIZE that seems high for a first time tren cycle. I am planning my first tren cycle too, I went with 50mg EOD and if sides are fine I will go to 100mg EOD and continue as long a sides dont show themselves. Only side I am really worried about is being a asshole/paranoid tbh. Insomnia and sleep sweats I can deal with and BP will be monitored. Actually just reread some info on dose and I might leave it at 50mg EOD for whole cycle.

thank you for your reply.

I don’t know what you mean by your first paragraph. are you talking about my Test E injection timing?
Actually I have made some calculations on how to best identify the intervals between Test E injections. A week has 7 days * 24 hours=168 hours/ 2= 84 hours/24= 3.5 days.

This means that if I inject on SAT 6 am, I need to shoot again on TUE at 6 pm. This way there is always an 84 hour period in between injections.

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Hay guys,

I still need your help.

what if I drop the HCG and add Clomid 25mg or Nolva 20 mg EOD???

Would that keep the boys going?

This was exactly what I meant!!

If the boys going is important run the HCG you will want the Clomid and Novla for PCT and not to run it for several months.

Hi Botslayer,

thank you so much for your reply. in a different post you mentioned that you are on TRT. I am so much interested to know how you are doing it. doses / AI / intervals???

I used to be on TRT like a year ago and had to stop because things went very wrong. I tried a HPTA restart but after a year on Clomid my TT came around 350 ng/ml. which is, though in range, still very low for my age. i’m hitting 40 soon.

So, I am seriously thinking of going back to TRT after my Tren cycle and do away with PCT altogether. I have concerns however. When I was on TRT I had problems with libido, erection, testes size … perhaps it was unmanaged E2 … I really don’t know .

Kindly give me some insights on what worked for you.

Thanks a million


T levels really low so ran a Test cycle of 500mg/week complete with PCT with intention to go on TRT after some time off.

Time off was shorter than expected.

Ran Test E 250mg every 6th day. This is on the high side for TRT but I do not need Arimidex for this. More ideal is to inject more frequently to keep levels more stable.

This has kept my mood much better and energy much better and my sleep has been much better than before.

200lbs 11-14%BF and 5’ 10" for reference. (Friend of mine who is 6’ 8" 270 went on TRT and his dcotor prescribed dose was either 1g or 1.5g a week.)

Okay, long version:

I was 31, I had all the low T symptoms (lethargic, moody, never sleep), finally after 3-5 years I got my levels checked and 272. (300 was bottom of barrel for this lab.) Adjusted my diet (added more greens and good fats) focused on sleep, quit ALL alcohol went back 2 months later and it was 235…so that was that. With little consequence to my HPTA and with the intention of going on TRT after wards it was hello 1st Test cycle of 500mg per week. Ran adex about a gram a week because my estro levels made me annoyed (at times I could feel my head exploding in a mind out of body experience, I have a whole new respect for a womens monthly cycle) and I had itchy nipples.

I ran a PCT just to know those feels of coming off. It sucked, I felt just like I did before I went on but after feeling what normal people felt like (or a bit better) it was worse.

Enter TRT, my dosage is 250mg every 6th day. Once my levels had settled by the 5th or 6th day I noticed I would get annoyed more easily. I truly didnt expect that (despite somebody warning me, and on this site none the less). It was my only option but much more ideal is to run smaller doses every 3 days.

250mg per 6 days is a high TRT dose (by design). With that I do not need to take an AI and my mood, sleep and libido are pretty awesome. I did not notice too much teste shrinkage (I did when I was full on cycle) but then I dont really care about those guys anyways haha. If you are worried for them (kids or maybe you might not want to be on test for life) add in HCG. I think your body gets used to HCG eventually though, dont quote me, google it :smiley:

I do want to try to come off again some time, when I do I will run probably a 2 month PCT with low doses of HCG, clomid, nolvadex.

I picked a dose I was pretty sure I would not need an AI for but something I knew I would notice. Before my levels had settled I would sometimes get itchy an itchy nipple. It never lasted though so I never used Adex. Now it doesnt happen. It took about a month though after my levels became what they are.

I HIGHLY INSIST USING A DOCTOR! I did not, I would consider myself rather lucky and this has only been a year. Also, I dont want kids and quality is more important than quantity so know the risks, talk with a doctor.

Dear Guys,

I would like to update you on my cycle.

I am in week 8 now. I was unsatisfied with my results so for. from what I heard about Tren A, I expected a lot.
However, I read something the other day on a forum that made some sense. I would like to share it with you and see what you think about it.

The people on the forum said that Tren to Test ration should be 2 to 1. They claimed that both Tren and Test compete for the same receptors in the body and if you increase Test to Tren, you are actually rendering Tren useless. Tren would find the receptor sites occupied with the Test molecule.

I, personally, find this logical and hence i decided to lower my Test E dose from 500 mg/ w to 250 mg/w.
I will keep my current Tren A dose the same at 300 mg/w at 50mg/ day

I might also extend my cycle due to this dose changes to 16 weeks instead of 14.

I use Caber now at 0.25 mg/ 3x w. as i noticed some erection problems.
I was on letro that I have liquified myself, but I am switching to Adex now at 1mg/w .

What’s your input on these changes?
What would be a proper Adex dose for my 250mg Test E.
Do I need to shoot the Test twice / week?
Is there anything else to add to get me to burn this belly fat faster and give me a hardened look?
Is there anything else to add to harden my erections?

Thank you

First of all you are taking 50mg ED that is 350 mg of tren ace per week not 300mg, not sure if you made a typo or you have no clue what you are doing.

U need a Test base is all 250mg is the standard most of the time for first timers. There are 100’s of articles on google about tren and test ratio and I’m not in the mood to start a new sequel to add the collection of Tren novels.

Reducing your test will minimize your tren related sides . Keeping your tren dose at 300 or 350?? mg doesn’t do much for plasma levels of the hormone. You’re essentially running a test cycle with minimal tren effects. Why even bother? Tren is 5x more anabolic/androgenic than test is. 300/350 mg is not taking advantage of this at all.

Lower the test and raise the tren, also you already been running it for 8 weeks ?? just now you have realized that you fucked up ? do some more research on tren, doing the plan you just stated will not help you make any more gains actually look worse.

Thank you for your swift reply.

Actually, it’s 300 mg tren/ week. I do not shoot on Friday.

So, your advice is to lower my Test E to 250 mg/ week & RAISE my Tren A over 300mg/ w?

How much Tren should I aim at per week?

The only sides I get from Tren is erection quality or difficulty to maintain. Will lowering Test negatively impact this side?

Is there any other way to counteract the erection problems ? perhaps adding a new compound?

i usually take Viagra for sex, but even with Viagra, it is difficult to hold the erection.

Thank you

tren is much stronger when competes with test. the ratio between test and tren should be higher than 1. since tren is so strong, the adoption of gear which aromatizes is suggested (test, dbol to mention a few)

check your prolactin levels for ED

so , how much test / how much tren do you suggest???

i take capergoline 0.25 mg/ 2x /w

What’s your diet like? You have the spreadsheet for your AAS use, what about food use?

Actually, i have no set plan for diet. i know i need to up my calories for bulking, i am trying to clean diet as much as i can. i usually take 4 scoops of protein shakes around the day and after workout. that’s almost 100g protein in addition to what i get from food

the strange thing is that when i started the cycle I had no appetite whatsoever. most of the time i felt that i am force feeding myself.

any advice on that?

one more thing. I going crazy over my ED problem. i do take caber, now up to 3 x / w. still i see problems down there. Will adding provirone to the mix do any good on that part?

Thank you

Well, I hesitate to say this cause you probably already knew it was coming, but I think planning out your diet could lead to some very pleasing results.

As far as ED, if Test/Estro/Prolactin are all playing well together Your test is obv going to be good if you are pinning it, your prolactin shouldn’t be an issue if you Caber is legit. Idk about estro.

Did ED start after you started the cycle? IF not, could it be from a nutritional deficiency or perhaps too much porn?
Edit: What does your mental hygiene look like? (meditation, journalling, mindset, outlook on life, prayer, etc.)

you need to pin tren ace ED if not you WILL get erection problems pinning tren EOD will give u unstable bloods which in term is causing your d to malfunction this is not 100% there are many that pin EOD but the rule is to pin ED to keep bloods stable since tren ace is fast acting its important to monitor this closely