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Tren A + Test Cycle

Throwing a small sample of tren ace into my cycle to gauge my mental and physical sides before I invest in an expensive next cycle. Will be short term just a few weeks. Will be pinning every day 50mg of the ace variety. Will be dropping my test down to 200mg during this. Have tons of caber on hand, letro, AI, Nolva etc. also a mountain of cycle support and an anytime labs a block from me with quick turnaround if I run into an issue and need to see what the problem is. I’m being as smart as I can. I already have my injections, And estro control down. Even purposely let it increase so I could see how much of letro is needed for my body to bring it down to good levels (half tab is all I need).

I understand the general rule is test e for first cycle. I get that and it makes sense, First cycle u learn a lot. Also need ur ligaments and tendons to adapt to ur new strength… but I am doing it anyways. Let me know how dumb of an idea this is. I already pinned the first 75mg 1.5 days ago into my quad and feel nothing so far. Let me know what else I can do to have this be as safely done as possible.

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100% agree.

But what specifically is the concern with trying our Tren A? Real question.

Learn how you feel on test. Work out how your body reacts to it. And then watch how much you can accomplish while taking it. You don’t know what will happen as your hormones fluctuate and then level off. You do t know how much you can gain from test alone. So learn that stuff first. Think of it like college: you don’t take senior level classes until you’ve done the freshman level work. Most of that upper division stuff requires you to know some things that you don’t yet know. So start at the beginning and work your way up. It’s a harm reduction thing.

No, the real question ought to be us asking you “why do you think you need the Tren”?
What do you expect to get from it that you won’t get from the T alone (aside from shitty cardio and night sweats)?

Hmmm… hadn’t thought of it that way. Makes sense. Any sides if I just stop tren after only 1 injection?


Fuck it YOLO keep this post updated with how it makes you feel etc.

I love this type of shit

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Alright, I guess I’ll table the idea this go around, I’ll bump up my test to 300/ Mon, Thur, to take care of my wanting to go a little more extreme urge. Thanks.

9/10 people on this thread will reccomend test only first cycle etc and i am one of those people.

But heres the facts tons of people run way more than just test for thier first cycle alllllll the time. Iv read some first cycles where people had tren, eq, var, mast eith a dbol kick start and LOVED it. If you really think you understand how gear works and you know your bidy inside and out then firw away bro. But unless your 100% confident woth all the variables involved then i woupdnt reccomend it. If you really wanna add some shit throw some var or winny in there the last 4 weeks.

You make me excited to see your next threads in a few weeks/months about either Help, My dick wont work or Its been 3 months since cycle and my libido is shit. See ya soon.

More is not always better.

@newbvet Haha yes ofcourse brother! Happy to entertain.

But I have an hcg protocol i am already following for just that reason.

If you only knew how many times we’ve heard that before…

@yubs Haha… awe crap…

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