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Tren A/Sustanon/Anavar PCT

29 y/o
190 lbs
12% ish body fat
Lifting 2 years
2nd cycle
Sustanon 350 mg/week weeks 1-12
Tren A 350 mg / week weeks 4-12
Anavar 50mg ed weeks 1-8

Looking for guidance on PCT

Have nolva on hand, planning on starting about 3 weeks after I’m done

Weeks 1&2 40 mg ed
Weeks 3 and 4 20 mg ed

Question is should I also add clomid to my PCT or is that overkill

Just nolva.

I dont really care that it’s your second cycle but by these stats and the only lifting 2 years I think your using tren very prematurely.



How long after my last shot?
What about HCG?