Tren a (Rip Blend) Before Annual Bloods

Got my bloods for prescribed Trt coming up. A week after, I have a short holiday. Need to be in top shape for this… hot tub, 4 women…

But don’t have much time between a blast and bloods. how long before markers come back after short esters blends?

4 weeks on prescribed dose alone enough? 8? How long is a string I guess…

A good sense of humor will take you farther than bulging biceps and Tren dick.


A silver tongued devil will bed ten times more women than a well built man. Your leverage with the women rests far more in your conversation ease than it does in a subtle improvement in your physique.


Yes I know… that’s why I wrote this post

3-5 HL of whatever you’re injecting.

imagine jumping in the hot tub, the 4 girls are down to clown, but little guy has a Tren hangover :cry:

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:joy: no bueno…

Oh true. Hadn’t thought of that. Ok so no tren ffs

But no bicep either :disappointed_relieved:

So how long do you have after blood draws, I’m a little confused by your timing. Test P and an oral would be an option if you have four weeks, but I thought you were implying one week.

Weekend away about a week after draw. Draw in 10 weeks

Yeah not enough time. Better work on those conversation pieces!

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Well I’m doomed then lol