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Tren A/Prop/Dbol


Im starting a new cycle in december and i want you to critique my cycle, every single piece of advice is appreciated.

125mg Tren Ace E/O/D - Week 1-12 (no im not doing ED, i dont want elephant skin)

100mg Test Prop E/O/D - Week 1-12

80mg Dbol E/D - Week 1-4

250iu HCG x2 weekly - Week 1-13

0.5mg Adex E/D

Letro on hand

Pct - Weeks 13-17

Clomid 100/100/50/50

ive heard that nolva can u mess u up when u use tren. any input on my pct is appreciated :slight_smile:

I Cant get my hand on Prami or caber, will letro & adex do it?

Im 25, 6’2 105kg, 15% bf