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Tren A Only Cycle


So I have this buddy of mine who i generally would consider one of my smarter friends, however, that may have all changed the other. The other day he came to me for advice on his cycle, and by no means am I an expert by any means but I have read enough to help him out somewhat.

Anyways so he tells me that he wants to run tren ace......and thats all. immediately i'm like well thats not the smartest thing i have ever heard especially considering this is going to be his first cycle. He doesn't want to do any SERM and his idea of PCT is buying some bogus test booster off of bodybuilding.com. I tried getting him to buy some test at the very least if he ever wants to use his cock ever again. But still he was so persistent in some bogus PCT.

Now I really don't know enough on the topic to know how it would but the 2 on 2 off or 3 on 2 off that i've seen, but he only wants to run the tren for 3 weeks and be done. Is it possible that such a short period will allow him to come back naturally. Otherwise how if at all can I convince my buddy not to only take this tren alone if at all?


No PCT = dumb, but you seem to know that

Recovery would be greatly enhanced b HCG. Additionally, it would keep up E levels in the normal range (at least)

But seriously...


and why 3 weeks? why not two? why not 23? Oh wait... I just figured it out: 350mg/week x 3 weeks = one bottle of TA. Piss poor justification for a cycle plan.

IF he cannot be dissuaded from this course, I'd go with a 2 on 2 off approach, and go 500mg/week TA plus HCG for 2 weeks. PCT might not be a major issue then.

Actually... that sounds kinda nice now....


I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately it is like talking to a brick. All he wants is to run one bottle of tren ace.

So if say he were to cut down the dosage and run it 2 on 2off he could possibly use it without screwing his natural production up completely? This would still be less than ideal IMO.


To be honest if he runs one bottle of tren and comes off cold turkey he probably wont even be that bad off. He will likely lose any gains made. But the suppression wont be that bad. If his system is fragile to begin with that would increase the likelihood of long term problems. But honestly all you can say is "Youre an idiot and I'm going to say 'I told you so'."

Print out this thread and show it to him