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Tren A Negative Reaction

Mid-50s, first time user- I decided to try Tren A, 50mg EOD. I only lasted 8 injections. My resting heartrate went from 53 bpm to 67, I lost the ability to sleep and, more disturbing- while overseas I suffered a negative reaction.

I stopped the cycle 2 weeks ago- I’m still not sleeping well and my heartrate has not come all the way back down. Is this unusual? Is it bad pharma or just that my body can’t handle the drug?

My goal is to cut, not bulk. What would be a good drug to try instead?

None for you until you decide to research a little more before just injecting shit.

How about starting with bloodwork to set a baseline? Full panel including hormones. You may be in need of TrT not Tren. How about giving more information so that people can give you informed options? Height? Fat? Where do you carry Fat? Diet? Training schedule? How long have you been training?

You took trenA with no testosterone I’m guessing? What did you do for pct? Nothing ?

I thought I’d done plenty of research and that Tren was right for me. I read about it for weeks and followed the directions, I certainly didn’t “just inject shit”

Yes, nothing. I didn’t do a full cycle, not even a half cycle

Oh man I don’t know what you spent weeks reading but you need to seriously stay away from AAS for awhile until you learn how to properly do it.

Please post where or who said to inject Tren for a first timer and all by itself. If you cant post it due to this site’s rules, then tell me who gave you that amazing advice.

Please follow the other instructions about getting blood work done, then give more information about your self and include as much detail as possible. It might seem petty but simple details like not having morning wood is an indicator that you might be Low T. If my words offended you, I was soft. There are guys on here that would give you a lot more shit than I did.

Blood work, including the Hormone panel- Test, Free Test, E2, will help tell if you shut your natural production down. More than likely you did shut down natural production.

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Bill Roberts recommended tren for a 1st cycle

Now I don’t agree with this philosophy (as I think trenbolone should be reserved for people going on stage as the risk to reward ratio is otherwise just not worth it in my opinion)

What exactly was the negative reaction? All AAS will increase HR to some extent (initially, through various mechanisms), the effect wears off over time. 53 to 67 is no big deal, 67 is a healthy RHR and 53 is fantastic (for someone is good shape that is).

Trenbolone is notorious for its harsh side effect profile, on paper it is 5x more anabolic and androgenic than testosterone (and this appears to play into real world scenarios… Unlike fluoxymesterone) that 175mg of tren/wk is, on paper the equivalent of 875mg of test/wk! Tren is harsh on the cardiovascular (lipid profile, heart, blood pressure), endocrine (shuts you down hard as fuck, may impact insulin sensitivity) and respiratory system (effects respiratory rate) + it crushes dopamine and serotonin for many, potentially causing depression.

What exactly made you think trenbolone was a good idea for you, let alone a male in his 50s (more susceptible to cardiotoxic effects of AAS)

The cause of trensomnia is unknown, I’d speculate it’s due to androgen mediated nervous system stimulation though.

Well, thanks for the replies, guys, although I gotta say the hyperbole and lecturing attitudes in a couple places above don’t really help to deliver your messages.
To recap- I have a muscular-enough build- I’ve been lifting and running for 40 years. My problem is that as I approach 60- my BF ratio is at 30% and when I try to diet the first thing I lose is muscle, hence my decision to try tren to cut.

I did bloodwork, had my testosterone checked and it came back normal for a man my age. No PCT- only 8 injections and from my reading it didn’t seem to be required. If you are recommending PCT even now- what would you suggest. And, if I do give AAS a second try- what would be a more reasonable product?

When did you have blood work done? Before or after your Tren experiment ? What is normal for a man your age? Is that you speaking or your Dr speaking as to what is normal? Most Dr.'s will say normal so long as you are within in range. That could very well be the bottom of the range. Give numbers with ranges of where your Test and Free Test are. You could/should also include SHBG and E2.

well there’s your problem.

I first started reading about steroids about 10 years before I finally tried them. And I spent a solid year reading 5 days a week leading up to my first cycle.

Look, we all know you didn’t read enough because of your posts. Water under the bridge at this point, but I highly recommend taking a long time before you try another cycle.

testosterone. the fact that you didn’t know this already is just another example of how incredibly unprepared you were for this. That’s a really, really easy question. You should have known the answer. There are literally thousands of ‘1st time user’ threads you could have read, and I’d bet 98% or more of them are either testosterone-only, or testosterone with an oral for a few weeks.

Anyway, to your initial post. The reactions you mentioned aren’t uncommon at all. Those things pretty much happen to everyone who uses tren, you should have expected them. The fact that those things caused you to stop is concerning, because you SHOULD have known those things were going to happen. Tren almost always raises blood pressure, and almost always causes sleep issues.

I ran my first tren cycle last summer. Well, tried to. I also quit after 2 weeks, but that was because I had an allergic reaction to the product. Some people get ‘tren cough’, which is what happened to me. Everytime I injected, I would cough for a solid 20-30 minutes. It was pretty unbearable. I gave myself 2 weeks to get acclimated. After I saw no improvement, I stopped.

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Testosterone. That’s it. That’s all that most of us need for most of our goals. Everything else out there is just fine tuning around the margins.