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Tren A, Mast and Primo Depo for Lean Mass/Cutting

So thinking about a lean mass/cutting cycle composed of trenbolone acetate, primobolan depot and masteron (10 ml of each)

Over all only for a period of 6 weeks just to test it out will also include ofc a diet and eca stack and now the thing will be if i should include a full PCT of clomid, nolvadex and hcg or one of two + hcg.

So what u think?

Is a lean mass/cutting cycle the same as a body recomp?

If so those are a great choice of compounds granted you have the experience and understanding of how to run them and the side effects involved and how to negate them.

Where’s the testosterone at tho?

Probably should run it at least 8weaks especially with the primo in there

PCT nolva 40/40/20/20

Didn’t think so far for any version of test as I would want to see how is this stack in those 6ish weeks, besides from the progestional binding from tren wouldn’t want to push it for gyno by adding some test as that can aromitize and increase the chance for that side effect.

Would be a thought tho after the main cycle to aid the levels test in also small quantities but then again not to fond of water retention and the rest that comes with the use of outside test.

Need to get some more insight tho as to better measure twice and cut once than to repatch it, have some exp but didn’t tried this combo so far.

You have to run some amount of testosterone my man. Even just a replacement dose would be enough to keep you from having other unwanted side effects. At a low dose you shouldn’t have any water retention or gyno.


What other unwanted side effects you referring about?

Otherwise still thinking on where I can do so many shots :slight_smile:

Not having any testosterone is bad news. It also means you won’t have much if any estrogen, which is also not great. Your libido will be shot, that much is for sure. But everything else is up for debate, depending on your individual response. But testosterone is more than just a thing that helps build muscle. Having a baseline level is also important for normal functions outside of hormones. Guys spend a fortune getting their testosterone levels back up to normal for a reason. It sucks having low t. It makes everything tougher, from working out to thinking clearly. Add at least some into your plan.

Maybe some susta should do the job once a week or so…

I take back my previous comment

Listen bro until you understand how steroid work on your body you shouldn’t be using any of the compounds you have mentioned

Goals? …Is this for a professional athletic competition/fitness show or just look good on the beach?

Also from what I’ve talked I have no option so far to get any primobolan depot so as that is out of the option what other similar product would be cause the only one on my mind would be winstrol.

So what would be the replacement for primobolan depot?

So as some as serious and some are not, those that are serious but don’t have a lot of experience are still here to learn.

Maybe we don’t understand eachother. @zeek1414

So one on the hand English is not my 1st language and even if I talk normally I don’t understand to much about the slang on the subject, so on that you’ll need to be more specific.

My experience is back at home with my native language so on that I would feel free to talk and understand with no problem

So when you said test on what test you referring to that I need ?

A lot of guys use mast instead of primo, mostly because of the cost. I cannot speak to its efficacy on a personal level, so I’ll leave that to others.

You could conceivably just use mast and tren and skip the primo entirely. But again, others will have more helpful advice.

Yeah that would be a thing also as I still want to do this body recomposition but then again as I don’t have any source so far for primo depot here still looking for an alternative to it.

Getting back on a bigger shape

185 cm
84 kg

There is no alternative. It’s kind of the perfect drug if you think about it. It’s got all the benefits of multiple other compounds minus the side effects. You can’t replicate that. But I’d say mast and anavar would be a good enough substitute if that was all that one could get their hands on.

Yeah if 6’1 and well under 200lbs you have no business taking Tren, or any gear really.

Run through some programs off this site. -this below will lean you out fast, noECA needed…

If I would have had any exp and know how I react to some stuff I would agree with you but from past experience and how I was that’s why I want to get back into a better shape.

As stated that some are serious and some are not, I’m not for sure among those who aren’t serious and with no exp at all, but then again u can’t have all the experience in everything so in some cases as in mine I didn’t came here seeking info because I have experience in this new stuff, it’s because I don’t and I’m looking for some knowledge from who has, so if u want to help with some knowledge pls do, the wind will blow whether u want it or not.