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Tren A, Epistane, Test Stack


what do you guys think about this:
testosterone cyp 100mg/w (my trt, ran constantly)
tren ace: 75mg EOD

the timing is a little bizarre i know, but i couldnt get my sht together to make it right, thoughts on this stack?


Toss the epistane. You wont notice it at all.


Agree with above. You have real gear, don't bother with the internet junk.


already started the stane, was gonna start the tren next week with it....can it hurt my cycle?


like i mean....can it do anything negative?....any unwanted interactions or anything?


Nvm I'll just scrap it...but I'm deeply entrenched in hard dieting right now and I'm carb cycling should I add cals? I was given the impression that I should always addcals when starting a cycle is that nonsense?


Kinda depends--are you trying to bulk or cut? Test/tren can kind of go either way, just depends on your diet and training.


Some people have the genetics to get really lean on cycle while eating above maintenance. Tren usally aids this ability.

Some people dont have that ability, regarless of the amount of AAS.

This also depends on how lean you already are, how lean you naturally are, how long youve been dieting, how goodd your diet is.

Basically, who the hell knows. But if youre using tren I assume its not your first cycle. So you should have some idea of how your body reacts. Use this knowledge to decide what kind of nutritional approach to employ during your cycle. If you dont know this sort of thing about your body you should find out asap, so you dont keep running cycles whilst taking shots in the dark.


About the epistane. Some people react poorly to it, others dont.

To me, the issue here is that it's a waste of money and a small stress on the liver that's essentially unnecessary.


yeah but i already have it on hand and i was alrdy on cycle of it before i posted this, i am thinking about throwin tren in there with it tho, and yeah this is my first cycle, i know tren isnt good for first cycle but hell i have it on hand why not?


im cutting and i started the epistane and its almost week one, this is my first cycle and iknow its not popular to run a first cycle with tren but i got it on hand, and im at the end of my cut and i just want that extra nudge to push me into superlean status. so i figured i would throw the tren in there and finish this cut off so i can get back to bulking i been cutting for like 6 months sick of it.


If you need three drugs to make progress in a first cycle you have absolutely no clue what youre doing. Im just being honest here. The "yea, but I already bought it" argument has never impressed me. This stuff doesnt expire, no one has a gun to your head telling you to use as many drugs as possible. The opposite mindset (using as few drugs as possible) is a far better approach.


i dont need any drugs to make progress....the point is to accelerate progress...but the main point is:why not go ahead and throw tren in there?


but i totally agree...its just, i started the stane and im like....yeah this shit sux...and i got the tren in so im thinkin....hmmmm....both are good at cutting...only one aromatizes, only one is progestinic....they should synergize pretty well...why not?


Niether tren nor epistane aromatize.

There is no proof that tren is progestagenic.

But yea, use a bunch of drugs for your first time. At least if you get side effects you'll know exactly which drug caused it... oh never mind. YOU WONT