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Tren + 1-Test

Would Tren + 1-Test be a good cycle with the addition of a post-cycle recovery protocol? I was wondering if the 1-Test would be an adequate replacement for “real” testosterone…

wich 1test? methyl?

1-Test is not a good replacement for testosterone. Stick with real test when using tren.

I am gonna agree w/ ‘Mac’ on this… if you are using real stuff don’t even bother w/ PHs. Go with some Test it can’t be beat w/ that combo. I have not had the opportunity to try it personally. I have done Tren & Dbol w/ moderately nice gains. I would make the Dbol a second or third choice if no Test is availble.

1-Test isn’t a prohormone. The reason I recommend real test with tren is to combat the side effects (which test does quite nicely). 1-Test is too similar qualitively to tren to justifiably run it simultaneously throughout the whole cycle. An exception to this would be methyl 1-test the first 4 weeks of a tren cycle.

Ok, with the Methyl 1-Test for the first 4 weeks, how long to continue the Tren? I would think that maybe carrying the Tren out to 6 weeks would be good? Perhaps 8 weeks?

If it is legal I tend to make a sweeping generalization and call it a PH.

Most people continue to see steady gains after week 6 of tren, so I would advise running it for a full 8 weeks. Make sure to include some real test though and run it as long as you run the tren.

exactly dubs