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I hope you can help me. I am a 52 year old male currently under monitoring by an endocrinologist for low testosterone levels. I have a blood test done monthly for the next two months to see if the levels lift naturally. If not the specialist will supplement orally. If I were to use Trembolone to help maitain my muscle mass, will it in any way effect the blood test results?
Hope you can advise me.

It’s time to get a new endo. First of all, if you’re bottomed out, you need to get a doc who believes in being midrange or better, not merely at an “acceptable range.” Traditionally trained docs don’t believe in optimization. A decent HRT or life extensionist guy will hook you up with compounded test cream or injections of legit pharmaceutical gear. Why mess with a tren-only cycle for 2 months?

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Viking69 wrote:
I definitely respect the given opinions, as I am basing my statement on my current gym partner who is getting ready for a show in a few weeks and is on Masteron and Winny only right now. He is complaining of horrible mood swings and lack of libido since dropping his test, in order to avoid excess bloat.

Speaking of P-22, could you post your AAS choices for the last month before a show? How do you time your carb up and sodium intake? Maybe u did already, or if you dont want to make that public knowledge I understand.

There is just so much difference in how one person does it compared to another. Luckily I am a powerlifter/recenet olympic weightlifter and only have to worry about making 242. But I am interested in doing one BB show just to say I did

I don’t have a heck of a lot of time to get into this right now, but i’ll say this - I eliminate all steroids that convert to estrogen and progesterone going into a show. I keep masteron, and winstrol.

A good part of the comming in just right is being lean enough, and proper water manipulation and carb load. It is smart to practice a few times heading into a show to ensure you get it right. Everyone is different, as to how much carbs they need to load.

For me, my current plan for this year is to stop water intake the night before the show around 8:00, Carb loading begins on the Friday, all day, and into the night and continues the morning of the show with sips of water. Everyone is different though, and I will be doing some experimenting this year leading into the show to find exactly the best approach for myself, as last year I came in a little flat.

I am planning on using a lot of honey this year again - i used that approach 2 years ago and came in looking my best ever. We’ll just have to see how the practice session goes though.

Water loading you should begin and slowly increase 4-6 weeks out. Some drink 2 gallons per day. I can’t. You need to increase you sodium with your water load as your sodium will dip down too low if you don’t - which will cause aldosterone release and sodium to be retained along with water.

When you cut water you cut out sodium as well, as after water intake is finished excess salt will prevent diuresses via aldosterone also.

Anyways this is the brief general idea of things. Sorry I can’t get too detailed, bottom line is those are the basics, you need to figure out exactly what works best for you.[/quote]