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Trehalose and Yeast Overgrowth?


Hey guys, i've been on a lot of antibiotics, i had parasites, then c diff, now just yeast overgrowth. I have to obey a strict low carb and no yeast food diet. My doc told me to use Wazy Maize as my workout carb for now, but i have a product that contains WMS and Trehalose.

Do you think Trehalose will promote yeast growth? I see it is isolated from Baker's Yeast and when i google it and candida i can't deciper the studies. Please help me out, thank you


I would opt to not eat carb powder if I had a yeast issue. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure all yeast/bacteria thrive on starches which they ferment or from straight sugar which also weaken your immune system. For this reason, I’d take a good enzyme with each meal along with some probiotics.

Also, I’d look into olive leaf extract, zinc, and other supps to boost immunity. I can name more if you wish, but those two are top notch and very affordable, as are enzymes and probiotics these days.


Olive leaf extract, sage oil, myrrh, red algae, and freeze dried mushroom powder (mushroom harvest brand; I get the blend). I swear 1 TSP a day of that stuff in my MRP shakes has helped fend off illness for a long time, especially during times of poor quality sleep, when I tend to get sick.

I also really liked Rez-V. I think it helps.

I would cook with coconut oil if I were you, for the lauric acid.

Staying healthy isn’t about just one variable; make some substitutions. Have a regimen. You won’t NEVER get sick, but you’ll see a difference in frequency of illness and duration. People forget how stats work: you will see TRENDS, not absolutes (e.g. never vs. always sick).