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Heya T-freques. I was hanging around the house today (hey, when you have an opposable tail...) and decided that I wanted to do some extra shoulder work. I've also wanted to increase my flexibility lately, so, as usual, I came up with something to satisfy both. I call it the "split stance press" and it can be done with either dumbells or a barbell. You simple get into the deepest split as is comfy, pick up the weight(s) and perform either regular presses or do them Arnold style, which is more of a challenge. Cheque it out. Lata.

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MB there is no such thing as a deep comfy split, let alone doing that and presses at the same time. Are you familiar with the term "sucker for punishment"?


that sounds like fun. How about a full split on chairs and do a hang clean.


Ouch. That sounds like it'd be really funny to watch someone attempt. Did you ever see the "All-Steroid Olympics" sketch on Saturday Night Live? This weightlifter tries to snatch like 1000lbs. - his arms rip right off and the weight never leaves the floor. I'm envisioning something similar happening with your move, only with the legs (maybe the ballz?) instead of the arms.


Bronx, it is actually one of the most unique moves I've ever done. The exercise you desribe is similar to the "Van Dam lift" which I attempt to attempt at some point. I've also been on a bit of a flexibility bender (pun intended) lately. Sucker for pain? perhaps? Enjoying it? I shall quote Green Day's "Blood, Sex, And Booze" : "Some say I'm disturbed But it's what I deserve Another Lesson to be learned From a girl Called "Kill"...Throw me to the dogs Let them Eat My Flesh Down to the wood It feels so good"

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Yeah, i did see that skit zev, it was funny as hell. Hey MB E. I realized that after I posted it, but doesn't he use a dumbbell, albeit a heavy fucking dumbbell. I was talking about an Olympic bar. Just a thought, I've never tried it.


Yeah Bronx, he set the record for his own lift with a 166/5 lb. dumbell. RVD is an incredible combination of stregth and sick agility. Lata.

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