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Tree Trunk Legs


I am a baseball player..I'm about 5'11 165 pounds..and I need tree trunk legs to faciliate me to throw harder.
Any tips? I'm pretty much exposed to powerlifting as background. I last squatted around 325 with chains and stuff..but that was a while ago...I think the key for me is to air out my arm with throwing, and I know how to do that...

But I need help to really grow my legs like weeds...but not to get a bulky upper body any tips?

I am starting getting back into conditioning, I've had a lot of trouble with my thyroid and was diagnosed hyperthyroid...So currently dealing with that and advised to get back into workouts but easy at first, and progress slowly...but I still want LEGS...i could care less about upperbody... but i will do whats necessary...plus the doctor told me to stay away from supplements, and solidify a good diet...she is right supplements are just that...it's all about the real food...

anyway any tips would be loved, especially from ballplayers...and powerlifters... i also have a meet in august for powerlifting with my gym...

cannot wait to get myself back from this metabolic dysfunction...
one day at time....


your a basketball player and you want to throw harder?

your a basketball player and you want tree trunk legs?

its impossible to be a good basketball player and have tree trunk legs, if you want tree trunk legs to be functional to your sport, then play football or do track and field...


Baseball player not basketball player.


He's a BASEBALL player. And yes, several MLB players have tree-trunk legs (Bartolo Colon is first in line). I don't think you NEED tree-trunk legs, however. But if you want to grow your legs and not your upper body, why aren't you squatting, followed by squatting, finished off with squatting? Not just back squats by the way. Try Front squats, split squats, single leg squats, etc. Also, try Dan John's latest writing - The Litvinov workout. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like you could put on some mass pretty quickly that way.

And do lots of long throwing to get your arm strength (in baseball terms, not lifting terms).



Bartolo Colon is fat.


You best not neglect your upper body! You can't have any weak links anywhere. Look at the Rocket, strong everywhere. Look at D-train! Strong everywhere.


well of course I will do work to get stronger over the entire body...

and i will follow the litinov workout after I get my body under a lil bit of control....we used to do drills like that in pitching...

anyway i'm gonna fuel my legs for a big increase in flexibility and strength...and not focus so much on the upperbody for the first 6 weeks or so...then give myself soem breathing room...for a cycle of three weeks sprinting dominant with much less lifting volume...

but the key still lies in throwing...and deriving power from the posterior chain


But even before he got fat, he was thick, particularly in the legs. As an Indians fan, I've followed him since minor league ball. He wasn't always a fat pig.



Jason Varitek has the biggest legs in the game. As a baseball coach and a powerlifter if you want to strengthen your arm then you need to play long toss every day. Having stronger legs will allow you to throw harder longer, look at Roger Clemens or Nolan Ryan, huge legs and backsides and they lasted forever. As someone mentioned before get yourself on a long toss program and then squat, squat and squat some more.


I'm not trying to be argumentative (We get enough of that around here). But, I disagree with this premise.

Throwing a baseball is a skill which you will get better at with proper practice. "Tree trunk legs" is not a necessity in throwing harder.

Some of the hardest throwers that I have seen at the High School and College level have average leg development.

Think that one through.


I think he has the right idea wanting to bulk up those legs. It seems to me that the guys with a lot of lower body strength don't have the same injury issues as the smaller skinnier guys. Compare people like the Rocket, Nolan Ryan, Curt Schilling (until recently), Dontrelle Willis, Carlos Zambrano . . .vs. some of your smaller guys like Mark Prior or Pedro.

This isn't to say that the skinnier guys can't throw the ball, but it seems to me that even with perfect mechanics, which Prior has to a T, the thicker guys last longer.

As to the poster, you're 165. Work everything. It'll be good for you. Check out Waterbury's Total Body Training and start eating


There's no real secret... lots of squats and deads. Leg press might give you some size but you won't gain as much strength as you would with squats. Goodmornings, back raises and pullthroughs can be good secondary exercises. Make sure you squat low or you'll compromise the lift's effectiveness. Biking and running may help increase capillary density in your legs which can lead to increased hypertrophy as well (Tom Platz did a lot of biking).

Sample organization:
Deadlifts 5x5 @ ~80%
Pullthrough 4x8

Squats 3x10 @ ~70%
Back Raise 3x10

Pretty simple but if you use good form and enough weight it should be pretty tough. After a while you can increase the intensity on your heavier lifts and cycle movements: deadlifts for two weeks, goodmornings for two weeks, etc. and move to 5x5 on squats.


I have this old powerlifting split that I'm prolly going to post later, that's basically followed by the entire gym...I'll cater it to my needs, I mean the guy who runs it squats 900 pounds, and hes like 40 something.

Hes westside training alllll the way...

As a sidenote, I think I will also pay more attention to my calves, which i usually neglect when using the powerlifting schemes. Hows that sound?


For tree trunk legs got to:



Well it's been a while since I've trained, and this dumbass hyperthyroid shit has completely had its way with me. I have barely slept last week, maybe 2, or 3 nights of the week, which had to be enough to get through a couple of exams. As if it wasnt hectic enough I am losing my mentality to get these tree trunk legs.

Anyway here are my leftover wheels from the ups and downs of thyroid treatment. And starting as soon as I stabalize my sleep schedule, I am going to start hitting my calves, as they have a 1 inch gap between their sizes. (right side bigger due to injury to left side that never healed properly)

Just gotta have strength pulsating through my veins...


Too bad he isn't a marathon runner.


wth the picture wont work..ill try again tomorrow night


lol lets see if this resize works...


Having big legs will not make you throw harder. Squats and deads will make your core quite a bit stronger, though, which will make you throw harder if you have proper mechanics.

It is important as a pitcher, though, to have good endurance strength in your legs, because your delivery is easily affected when they become tired. So definitely do the leg work, just understand that you don't need huge legs to throw hard.

Of all the pitchers I played against in high school who were drafted or went D1, I would say that 75% of them were tall and lanky.

If you want to throw harder, play a lot of long toss (back off when your arm gets sore), throw a football, and stretch your forearm and shoulder.



true..def should focus on mechanical aspects....