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Treator from Former'Great 'Britain



Don’t trust Yurop! A bunch of losers!
Fucking pussies!

why don’t we save everyone the trouble of reading this troll’s post and point out that he misspelled his ‘name’…unless this is actually the first time i’ve seen ‘frank’ spelled with a ‘ck’.

he seriously misspelled ‘traitor’ and spelled ‘europe’ pheonetically.

from this i think we can all infer that this is someone who AGREES with whatever the content of this article is (i didn’t waste time looking at it) and is posting with an impression of a person who might agree with the article’s content.

good luck stirring up shit, ‘franck’.

What?? Jesus Christ You don’t know Yurop?

[quote]Franck wrote:
What?? Jesus Christ You don’t know Yurop?


I still laugh whenever I see that picture

What is Yurop ? Is is that yoghurt stuff ?