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Treatment For Gynecomastia

Is the only treatment for gynecomastia - “bitch tits” - surgery? I’ve some fatty tissue that persistently lingers underneath the skin at my nipples and base of my pecs. Is all fatty tissue considered gynecomastia? Should I just keep up my diet/cardio and hope my pecs tighten up, or should I be looking for a plastic surgeon??

I was told that the fat in my chest was not gyno. Do you have any pics??? I think a lot can be told by them. Someone said something about a firm mass behind your nipple. If you have that, you have gyno. Mine are slowly going away as the skin tightens and I lose more fat.

Well, since I dont really want to post pics of my naked chest on the internet for the world to see; you’ll have to take me at my word.
I do have some mass beneath my nipples. And they are larger than the average male’s.

Not trying to embarass you man, just trying to get a better idea. I was going to see if it looked anything like what i have because I was told mine is not gyno. I would say your best bet is to go to a doctor and have him or her check it out.

Question: What is the treatment for Gyno…? Surgery…what sort?


[quote]masterblaster wrote:
Question: What is the treatment for Gyno…? Surgery…what sort?


It depends on the tissue, and the cause.

I’ll be honest with you, You’ll only ever find out if it’s really Gyno if you diet down to a low bodyfat. Otherwise you might just be genetically set to put on fat on your chest. I’ve been there…

Search for “anthony roberts and femara”.

Some anecodotal evidence that a short cycle of femara my reduce the size of breast tissue.

Obviously, surgery will be a last resort option. I guess I’ll just boost my cardio and see if it has any effect on my chest. Thanks for the help all.