Treating Low T with Clomid. Need Arimidex?

Hi guys I’m starting clomid tomorrow at 25mg ed…(for low testosterone)
My question is… do I need armidex for my e2 levals?
Because clomid is quite low perhaps e2 should not rise?
Thanks in advance

You need labs my friend no guessing on AI. Hopefully you took labs before clomid. Also some start at 25 EOD.
Estradiol sensitive
Free t3
Free t4
Reverse t3
Total t
Free t
Metabolic panel

Sweet brother… I’m getting labs done in the morning before I start… when I get the results I will post them… :+1::+1:

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Also need to keep one thread

I think, from what I have read, that Clomid is prescribed for people with pituitary gland issues. Does Clomid work for anyone or does it only work for people with a pituitary issue?

well if you have low to mid range LH/FSH, then clomid will force the pituitary to push out more LH. YOu dont want to push the LH way above range because you may risk desensitizing the LH receptors in the testes and will probably have a difficult time managing E2.

ALso, if you are primary hypogonadism (testes not working well) than clomid will not help.


Some guys feel horrible on Clomid, other do fine.
Nolvadex does not have that effect.

SERMs increase E2 and sometimes vastly and dose needs to be reduced. This increase in testicular T–>E2 is not manageable with anastrozole.

Many have problems with 25mg ED and need 25mg EOD.

While some Selected tissues are protected by a SERM, some, and the brain, are not. Increase E2 is expected to increase liver production of SHBG that creates more non bioavailable SHBG+T while reducing FT.

So above is general conversation and not case specific.

Get back to original thread with how you are doing an lab numbers. Do not fork/split your case.