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Treating Gyno Mid Cycle

Hey guys so just wanting some opinions from some more experienced guys. I’m at about week 8 out of 12 on my test/deca cycle. 500mg of test and 300mg of deca per week. I’m just noticing that my nipples are getting quite sore and a small lump under my right nip. I have been taking an AI which is aromasin at 12.5mg EOD. Now my question is what do I do now? Do I up my dosage of the aromasin or I do have nolva and clomid for my pct do I use some of that now? Any info is muchly appreciated guys cheers

40mg of nolva until the lump shrinks then 20mg until the end of PCT

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@Yogi1 okay so is that 20mg of Nolva for the rest of my cycle aswell as the 2 weeks inbetween cycle and pct and then pct aswell? And with the AI?

Yeah that’s it

@Yogi1 and that’s everyday?


Research ralox and letro.

Nolva is not the ideal drug to reduce gyno nolva would be great to prevent it if you didn’t have it already

If u were taking aromasin 12.5mg EOD its might be not e2 issues but prolactin. Are u lactating when squeeze ur nips? if so i would run cabesar. I would not run nolva while using deca, they wont ge well together.

“Nolvadex up regulates the progesterone receptor and makes prolactin caused gyno worse.”

Find the real reason before taking action.

@mhmtali I do have caber how much should I take if that is the problem?

Also how do I know if it is an e2 or prolactin issue? How do I tell the difference? Just if my nips are lactating? Thanks for the info guys :+1:t3:

0.5mg twice a week would short any prolactin issues.

Do u have high e2 symptoms other than gyno lump?

@mhmtali is that twice a week for the rest of the cycle? And what other symptoms are there?


Noticeable Symptoms of High Estrogen:
Increased abdominal fat
Loss of muscle mass
Low libido, decreased erectile function
Increased fatty tissue around nipples
Depression, emotional disturbances
Lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)

if actual excess breast tissue has grown, surgery is typically the only option for eliminating said gyno

@mhmtali can’t say I’ve noticed any of them, wouldn’t hurt to take the caber just to be safe though would it?

Caber for prolactin, you run deca. Prolactin can cause gyno too.
If u not have any of this symptoms your e2 would be fine as you taking aromasin eod.